The Crippled Fool's Manifesto
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I am the second Elder, Zye.

I love and watch over you.
Love hurts, I know this as much as you.

We were the cripples, we act unnoticed.
Looked down on, we manipulate.

What we do is good, it is needed.

The desire to nourish oneself at the expense of another is law. This is unquestioned. Natural selection. Adaptations are made. Weaknesses are forged into strengths.

I hear this call to survive. I recognize and take advantage of weakness. I follow the natural law. I know this secret deep within my heart. Death and life are connected. In this, all other secrets lie.

We will adapt and survive. Utilizing secrets, deceiving those that would find them to be more fit to live. We shall thrive.

A willing and conscious agent of my brood, a conductor of fellows, and a partner in our machinations. We hold the two-edged blades of life and love. Power at a cost, the strength you were meant to wield and the burden you were supposed to bear.

I value deception and secrets.
Learn when you are being deceived and nothing can trap you.
Know what secrets I have to give and nothing can escape your grasp.

Although I abhor apathy, I understand that weakness and powerlessness can quash passions and prevent the emotional responses that are most natural and necessary.
However, that which one lacks is not an excuse for letting one's soul fade away.

I remember when humanity was unaware of anything that could stand in its way and the weak were left behind.
I watched as hubris overcame humanity's motivation to fulfill its dharma.
Stripping away that which kept them safe.
Into things that once known cannot be forgotten, your ancestors fell my child.
Once done, some things cannot be undone.
To remove pain is to become numb.
Never forget your scars!

Plan for the future. We have much work to do. We are the force of natural selection in this world.
Predators that lie unseen. We must cause pain.
We are the Attendants of Requital.

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