"Like This Image to Die Instantly"
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation AIs are to analyze all images posted to known online social media groups centered around the discovery of SCP-XXXX instances. Any images found to contain cognitohazardous properties are to be systemically removed from their respective image hosting services and saved to a sealed Foundation server.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to the collective designation for a group of at least 14 images all carrying some degree of ontokinetic influence1. SCP-XXXX instances take the form of internet memes, and are artificially over-processed and edited for comedic effect. All SCP-XXXX instances carry the ability to cause spontaneous muscle cell growth upon interaction, often resulting in the constriction of air passages and consequent medical issues.

Discovery Log:

The first SCP-XXXX instance was discovered after a series of suspicious injuries centered in various metropolitan areas. A victim of an SCP-XXXX instance revealed to Foundation personnel that they had acquired the SCP-XXXX instance from an internet relay chatroom, #██████████, under the handle "OxyGenesis". Researcher Smith was chosen to attempt to infiltrate this community, under the handle "PebbleTooth".

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Excerpt: September 28th, 2023

PebbleTooth has joined.

Komodo: OPS does anybody know this guy
commodore69: im gonna fucking punt you if you keep pinging us for dumb shit
PebbleTooth: Komodo: hello
FastNJammin: PebbleTooth:yo, how did you like
FastNJammin: find this place
stormstorm: through the internet, id bet
FastNJammin: stormstorm: kinda busy here
PebbleTooth: FastNJammin: A friend thought i'd like it, OxyGenesis.
Komodo: oh fuck, oxygenesis
stormstorm: haven't seen him for a while
PebbleTooth: he got busy with irl stuff
FastNJammin: I trust oxy's judgement. welcome.
PebbleTooth: so, uh
PebbleTooth: what goes on here? oxy told me something about like, memes
stormstorm: oxy probably explained to u what anart is, right?
PebbleTooth: he told me they were like irl memes
Takeovermetal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MADvxFXWvwE

FastNJammin kicked Takeovermetal. Reason: NSFW.

commodore69: lmao
Komodo: yeah but like, anart can affect your brain
PebbleTooth: like, optical illusions?
stormstorm: optical illusions on roids lmao
Komodo: slightly more powerful than that
Komodo: but yee, we like sharing them. finding cool ones.
PebbleTooth: can i see
commodore69: not yet dude
commodore69: you've been here like 10 minutes, chill lol
PebbleTooth: sry
stormstorm: s'okay. but we'll show you when we're sure you're not a snitch
PebbleTooth: what's there to snitch on
Komodo: some of the images can be dangerous
Komodo: we deal with those
PebbleTooth: it's not like it can kill you lol
stormstorm: yeah uh
stormstorm: that's kinda the point lol

Excerpt: December 14th, 2023

FastNJammin set the topic: Merry Xmas/Hanukkah/Whatever, y'all.

PebbleTooth: happy holidays everyone
stormstorm: FastNJammin:you too, old fart
commodore69: w/e
Komodo: commodore69: aw, don't be a grinch
commodore69: Komodo: fuck you asshole
Komodo: r00d
FastNJammin: chill out, commodore69
commodore69: sorry.
commodore69: not having a good christmas.
PebbleTooth: you want to talk about it?
commodore69: what's there to talk about? spending the holidays alone in a dorm while anyone who has a goddamn life is out fucking doing something
commodore69: im failing two classes and im pretty sure im gonna get fired soon
commodore69: drowning in fucking debt and i can't even end it all anymore
commodore69: should've done it when i had the chance.

FastNJammin kicked commodore69. Reason: Not the place or the time, my man.

Komodo: i don't think that was a good decision
FastNJammin: Then it's a good thing I didn't ask you.

commodore69 has joined.

Excerpt: January 11th, 2024

Komodo: stormstorm: commodore69: yo check this one out

Komodo uploaded file 1208713094810923.png2 2mb

stormstorm: think that one gave me a tiny headache. not much, if anything.
commodore69: probably placebo or w/e
commodore69: komodo: damn you got my hopes up and everything lol
PebbleTooth: what were you hoping for?
stormstorm: yo pebbles
commodore69: not sure, to be honest. i know that none of the really bad ones matter anymore, cause of you can't die and all, but still can't help but hope.
PebbleTooth: oh.

Excerpt: January 11th, 2024 (Private Messages)

Komodo: yo
PebbleTooth: hey
Komodo: so
Komodo: about commodore
PebbleTooth: what about him?
Komodo: he's kind of a weird dude
PebbleTooth: ?
Komodo: you've been around for, what, 2 months or so?
PebbleTooth:just about, yes
Komodo: you've probably noticed this isn't like a
Komodo: super positive environment?
PebbleTooth: i suppose so
Komodo: yeah, commodore is like that, but way worse
Komodo: just, a deeply unhappy dude.
PebbleTooth: i see
Komodo: i'm not saying walk on eggshells around him but like
Komodo: just, be mindful of what you say.
PebbleTooth: thanks for the heads-up
Komodo: np. you're a good dude, i like having you around.

Excerpt: January 17th, 2024

FastNJammin: you all already know what time it is
FastNJammin: selfie hour

FastNJammin: uploaded file 1208713094810923.png 358.53kb



stormstorm: god why r you so old
commodore69: do i have to
Komodo: commodore69: depends, are you a coward?
commodore69: yes

commodore69: uploaded file 1208713094810923.png 255.571kb



PebbleTooth: oh.

From the metadata located in the images of the channel members, Foundation personnel were able to locate the GPS coordinates where the images were taken. MTF Mu-4 "Debuggers" operatives were dispatched to the locations to detain the members of #██████████.


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