XoodleloodleCroodlewoodle's Hallospooktoberweenfestcon Entry

So yea I'm going to do this

It's going to be an absolute shitpostfest

Title: XoodleloodleCroodlewoodles Hallospooktoberweenfestcon Entry Of Absolute Amazing Awesomeness And Sheer Epic Fantasticality And Magnificent Cataclysmic Beauty. Starring: XilasCrowe/XoodleloodleCroodlewoodle, Featuring: Everyone Else!

Involving various site and chat peeps

So far:
Rounderhouse: Someone obsessed with building round houses, dies after someone gets upset at them constantly demolishing building and replacing them with round versions of themselves. Also may or may not have a hand eaten by Xoodle after Xoodle becomes a bunny and Roundy tries to pet them
Weryllium: A dinosaur (with a hat, glasses, and fake goatee) riding another dinosaur, they come out after kaktus hates on tabs, causing Weryl to unleash a tab-avalanche, killing most of the rest of the cast.
Zyn: Spends the beginning eating soup and then get buried by wery's tab-avalanche, later being rescued by some giant butterflies who take her to the butterfly dimension where she meets a cute caterpillar and gets married and becomes the butterfly goddess.
XilasCrowe: Your God and Empress, they spend their time shitposting and playing with various people, until they got full spoopy and evolve into XoodleloodleCroodlewoodle (after cloning themself of course)
XoodleoodleCroodlewoodle: A small fluffy bunny and eats rounderhouse's hands. Also does a lot of other stuff but that's all I've come up with so far.
Swaghetti: A large cauldron of spaghetti wearing sunglasses. Constantly vomits more spaghetti onto people who get close.
Jazstar: Undecided
Spookybee/Spookyboo: A smol bumblebee wearing a sheet like a ghost. They bump into things a lot cause they forgot to cut eyeholes.
GabrielJade: Dresses up and role-plays as 049, later being killed and replaced by the actual 049. Nobody notices.

Note: The following is a work of fiction reality fictitious reality exaggerated reality to the point of fiction. Any relation to persons, characters, or personas, living, dead, fictional, undead, dreamt up, non-existent, or dead is purely coincidental.

It was a normal day in the Site-19 room, which meant nothing was going as planned and everything was on fire. Figuratively, of course.

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