DSE-1A2, The Seed
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"DSE-1A2 obtained by the Foundation"

The Seed is alive. It is a new destructive strategic entity. It was made possible by the actions of agents, such as yourself, infiltrating and discovering the activities of those who would lead humanity to the forbidden and unleash extinction. This device was envisioned by one of my agents. Remember we rely not only on your physical abilities but on your minds as well.

Deployment Procedures: DSE-1A2 is to be assembled by a either a consciously aware or subconsciously manipulated agent and transported to the location of activation. This device is to be deployed in dense urban environments where either key infrastructure or information is stored. Special code words, not necessarily uttered by the same agent who assembled it, will cause the DSE to become active.

  • "I Plant The Seed" - Will cause the device to activate.
  • "Grow" - Will cause the device to shatter into its original components and unleash a greater effect before deactivating.
  • "Sleep" - Will cause the device to shatter into its original components and deactivate without any other effect.

Description and Purpose: When assembled, DSE-1A2 is a 20 cm long cylindrical device consisting of iron discs. This device is designed to damage infrastructure and information storage of threats to the Attendants of Requital.

When activated, DSE-1A2 will emanate electromagnetic radiation. This, in addition to destroying electronic devices, slows chemical reactions. The more energetic a reaction is, the greater the effects of the Seed.

The Seed has a unique effect on the living creatures who's biochemistry is affected by it. This effect manifests in the dreams of such a being becoming attuned to our consciousnesses.

This device is excellent for deep damage of organization due to its memetic effects and its two-part functionality. The Elder Dyhe designed it to not only be a tool of destruction but to manipulate a member of the victim organization into using the code word "Grow". Wherever it is ultimately deployed within the target, it will end up causing greater damage and additionally distrust or dissent amongst its members.

Process of Function: DSE-1A2 uses an Andersons Robotics AI to generate the brainwave patterns of a reality bender. This AI has been subject to special education by the Elder Dyhe.

By assembling the device, it allows the AI to begin to listen for the code words "I Plant The Seed". Upon this, it begins dreaming, thus emitting its reality warping effects. This manifestation draws energy from nearby reactions and electrical currents. Sentient creatures are temporarily linked to us, in their dreams, following exposure to the Seed.

Instances Deployed
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