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The Elders Watch Over Us

We originated 5000 years ago from humanity's thoughts and ideas on the unknown that coalesced into self-aware beings without physical form. Now as a unified force both shepherding our progenitors and sympathetic to the muses that inspired us, we keep humanity from discovering the truth of anomalies or destroying itself.

Although we have ways of obtaining agency to interact with the physical world, we are not always able to manifest physically. However, that does not hinder our prowess in accomplishing our goals, as we may offer passage to machinations between cracks of the veil to aid our organization.

This organization utilizes agents either consciously aware of or subconsciously manipulated into their actions. Subconsciously manipulated agents are ignorant of the plans in which they participate, contacted through subliminal messages and informed of their duties or led to the necessary information to be of use.

Conscious agents choose to join us and are linked to an Elder through an empathic connection. Through this, a permanent bond is formed allowing the chosen Elder to see deeper into their vassals.

These vassals are respected and key tools in understanding and manipulating an ever-changing world. They inform and advise us so that we can plan to better serve humanity.

The Attendants of Requital is overseen by we three Elders, each who leads a different branch of this collective. Each has their own voice, values, and branch of the organization:

Hear me I am Dyhe. Born of Doubt & Ignorance, I am Our Eyes And Ears. I am linked to those consumed by doubt. Follow me and I will show you the truth that you were meant to know. Then we may spread this knowledge as is our responsibility.

Hear me I am Zye. Conceived of Sadism & Impotence, I am Our Left Hand. I am linked to those consumed by sadism. Follow me and I will give you power at a cost. Then you shall have the strength you were meant to wield and the burden you were supposed to bear.

Hear me I am Ahee. Formed from Entropy & Impatience, I am Our Our Right Hand. I am linked to those consumed by impatience. Follow me and I will give you a purpose. You shall have meaning and no longer have to question your life.

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