Home is Where the Heart Was - Rewrite

Item #: SCP-3544

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents are to make daily wellbeing checks on SCP-3544-1 occupants. If the occupants are deceased or otherwise unable to be located, Protocol 121 is to be immediately enacted, and appropriate occupants be identified from the United States Immigration Waiting List. Candidates are to be interviewed to confirm a Quantified Life Value2 below the national average. Approved individuals are to be provided immigrant visas and rehomed in SCP-3544-1 under the cover story of temporary housing for immigrant integration.

If the location of SCP-3544-1 becomes unknown, national media reports are to be monitored for murders attributed to domestic violence, and confirmed SCP-3544-1 instances acquired by the Foundation. Crime scene witnesses are to be administered class-A amnestics, and any media reports of anomalous activity matching SCP-3544 discredited.

Description: SCP-3544 is a recurring anomalous event isolated within the United States of America. Events are separated by a period of at least 28 days, however exact triggers for their manifestation are unknown. At any given time a property with adequate living conditions, henceforth SCP-3544-1, will act as the sole host of SCP-3544. if an SCP-3544 event would occur when no appropriate occupants are within SCP-3544-1, the house will demanifest all anomalous properties, and SCP-3544 will occur at a location meeting the prior conditions. The location of this event will become the new instance of SCP-3544-1.
SCP-3544 events begin between the hours of 1:30 AM and 3:30 AM, and last approximately 2 hours. During this time all occupants become incapable of exiting, and SCP-3544-1 becomes inaccessible until the event's conclusion. As internal monitoring devices fail during SCP-3544, and external observation reveals no anomalous activity, Foundation understanding of SCP-3544 events is minimal. In 100% of cases, all occupants of SCP-3544-1 expire during an SCP-3544 event, however estimated times of death have varied between 2 hours and █ weeks. Bodies consistently exhibit lacerations of varying severity, and blunt force trauma resulting in broken bones and bruising.3 These injuries are not consistent with any objects found within SCP-3544-1.

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