Until Death, And Long After

A man cloaked with heavy shadows stepped through the door behind Owen, and strode around the near-empty meeting room. The lights seemed to dim where he walked, and Owen found himself averting his eyes at every opportunity. The man sat down at the opposite end of the table, where the lights had been left off entirely, and deliberately placed the folders in his arms onto the table.

"Good afternoon, Agent Wilson. I take it your induction to Epsilon-Nine is going smoothly?" he finally spoke, his piercing blue eyes focused on Owen.

"Yes sir. The training is intense, but nothing that I didn't expect." Owen tried not to let his nerves show in front of his superior. At least, he thought this was his superior. He certainly carried a level four badge.

"Excellent. In that case this should be a welcome change of pace." The man pushed forwards one of his folders, marked with the title "Wau-00", which was nearly obscured by numerous red stamps.

Owen carefully took the folder, and glanced at its title.

"Am I being transferred?" He asked, cautious.

"Not yet. Why don't you have a read?"


Mobile Task Force Wau-00: "Protocol X-12"

Moblie Task Force Wau-00 Protocol X-12 ("The Saints Protocol") dictates the conditions for recruitment to the task force. Only personnel actively involved in the recruitment process or prospective members of the task force may view this document.

Requirements of Recruits:

  • Prospective recruits must have recently been transferred to another mobile task force
  • Prospective recruits must otherwise have at at least a two year Foundation service record
  • Prospective recruits must show a willingness to serve the Foundation and its interests regardless of specific requirements.

Actions to Take Upon Recruitment:

  • The recruiter is to record the date and time of the signing of this document, so that specific mnestic procedures may be used to recall the event if required
  • The recruit is to self-administer Class-A amnestics, and be returned to their previous task force.
  • The recruiter is to record the name and current task force of the recruit
  • A shell (described in document Wau-00: X-01-B) is to be constructed and set aside for the recruit by mechanics of MTF Wau-00

Purpose of MTF Wau-00:

Most actions of the Foundation in the normal course of events already require more than a degree of secrecy, however sometimes this is still not enough.

In most Task Forces, agents becoming mortally wounded is not uncommon, and as such, mortality rate is high.

To combat both of these issues, MTF Wau-00 uses cutting edge paratechnology to transfer the minds of dead and dying operatives (with consent) into mechanical brains, which can then be utilised in various ways, primarily as Disavowable and formidable combat operatives.

In order to maintain secrecy, MTF Wau-00 agents are oblivious to their involvement until death, or until circumstances require additional living operatives.

If this information is agreeable to the reading party, and conditions do not require other action, please sign the dotted line below with both your name and Foundation Identification Number.

……………………………………………….. ……………………………..

Owen carefully laid the page down in front of him, and looked slowly up at the man cloaked in shadows.

"I imagine you have further questions?" Owen could hear the smile in his voice, even if he couldn't see it.

"Yeah, a few. Does this task force have a name?"

"I'm afraid not. In order to minimise paper trails, there are only five documents within the Foundation that even mention us."

"How high up does this go?"

The man paused a little, his pale blue eyes narrowing before he gave his answer.

"I'm afraid even I don't know that. I imagine the Oh-fives know about us."

Owen nodded, looking again at the page in front of him. He slowly lifted his pen to the paper.

"Do you have a name?" He asked, hesitating.

"I am William Portendorfer. We shall meet again once your life comes to an end."

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