the platypus burrow

howdy folks, welcome to hell I mean my draft hub, the burrow. platypuses are cool yo

Seminar Team Business, Go Back To Your Drinks


oh look a collab with esteemed wiki author and IRC user MalyceGraves

links descriptions
The B-Team apotheosis thing
Dueling Fiddles S&C Plastics tale thing
The Yellowstone Disaster hory shet even the journeyman is worried this is bad
SCP-4XXX "Cotton Eye Joe" eldritch wetland deity, is slightly cajun.1
Art Trade Tale will suck dick for art
First Age idea
Better Not Wake The Baby better not wake the baby, a star wars story
Latham Lane A Southern Gothic SCP about how fear, depression, death, and being a homosexual in rural Alabama were and are impossibly intertwined, told through the productions of a ghostly playwright.
The Star-Eater2 spit it out. spit it out.
No Place For No Hero they are platonically gay for each other. big difference.
Plushy Pantheon praise
Boomerang trashfire thing
kenneth fucking dies oh no
brain dumps text wall party woot woot
God Has Left The Chat seriously
UIU File 2012-253 kenneth and sirius
UIU File 2008-67 jimmy i hardly knew ya
SCP Millennium Tales exactly what it says on the tin, tales for my/other people's millennium shit
Southernisms exactly what it says on the tin
holders stuff exactly what it says on the tin
Is this who we are? it real sad boy hours in here

time slipping away

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