Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is easily subdued through the use of asking nicely, at a stretch through bribery using snack foods, which will promptly be absorbed into SCP-XXXX-1. Once subdued, she is to be placed with in a padded room. Separating SCP-XXXX-1 from the body (SCP-XXXX) has so far proved to be a more difficult task and has not yet been accomplished. Attempts to remove it by force only result in it stretching before jolting back to it’s original shape.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an ordinary young girl with a gelatinous blob enveloping her head. It’s currently debated on weather this blob, SCP-XXXX-1, is a living entity or merely a substance.

SCP-XXXX has shown no signs of aging despite being otherwise human, suggesting that the slime has some way of granting immortality. Participants that have been partially absorbed into the substance for long periods of time show no signs of any anti-aging effects. Whilst no attempt has been successful at fully immersing another person’s head into the gel, some attempts people with small heads have managed to be almost fully emerged inside, bar the back of the head. Whilst they still did not show any signs of aging, it seems conclusive that participants our still able to breath freely when inside the substance, bar numerous occasions where panic attacks have occurred.

Attempts to communicate with SCP-XXXX have largely been successful, though she is unable to reply vocally and is hard of hearing. Whilst her behaviour is fairly standard for a girl of hear age, though a little calmer and passive, there’s plenty to indicate she has long term memory loss and possesses a lower than average intelligence, to the point that her survival up until her encounter with the foundation is somewhat of a mystery, possibly attributed to the health granted to her by SCP-XXXX-1 or by sheer luck.

Based on current evidence, the more well accepted theory is that SCP-XXXX-1 is a living entity which seeks out a host to survive. When it finds a target, in this case SCP-XXXX, it envelops their head leaving them dozed, and forms a symbiotic relationship, hence explaining how only the girl develops the immortality. It is currently unclear how much control SCP-XXXX-1 has over its victim, though it seems as though it can control their mood at the very least as to prevent them from retaliating.

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