N-1 Interviews Concerning The Coalition Of Britannia

[First interview - name and purpose]

Leonard Goodman returns home
Shit, his furniture's out of alignment!
And there's a lad in his chair which is out of alignment!
Oh fuck!
Punch the lad!
Can't punch the lad!
Haven't been unable to punch a lad in quite some time!

"I would suggest you sit down, mister Goodman."
"Who the fuck are you?" says Len, sitting down.
"My name is Imago Montoya Guy McGuyson, and I'd like to talk to you about your strength…"

[Second interview - organisational structure]

"Is it an augmented skeleton? Perhaps you've had your muscles enhanced with some manner of chemical? Or did you have your hormone for limiting muscle growth removed?"

"I don't know what to tell you, boss man, they sat me in front of some weird locket, and now we're here." Len reclines slightly, and glances around the room. "Mate, what're you doing here?"

"Your story isn't a unique one" says the interrupting bint. "I hear it all the time. Prisoner who's done some appalling things walks away scott free one month later, often changed for the better or worse. Only difference is that this time I get to talk to you directly…"

[Third interview - Member groups]

"Tell me more about the people that took you from your cell."

"I can't do that."

"If you don't, then it's back to the cells with you."

fuckIcan'tgobacktoprisonit'sbloodyroughinthere "They call themselves the Foundation."

[Fourth interview - goals]

"You've told me a great number of interesting and disturbing things. For that you have my thanks. If you ever require shelter, know that my organisation's doors are always open to-" Lads been interrupted himself (karma) by a shite load of footsteps. He cacks himself.

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