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A place you shouldn't see.
A place you should hope to see.

AbsentmindedNihilist: Keeper of the Tapioca.

AlanDaris: "Borth, but not as cool." -Xilas. Keeper of the poking torch.

ARD: When he LMAOeth, all shall quake in fear.

ashburystreet: stole my thing, now goes by Prosaek. This is canon.

Athenodora: A shapeshifting cat with a magic floating camera.

Bennings: No relation to either warehouses or sausages.

BlackWing: The meme machine. Frequent window breaker.

BlueJones: Bring earplugs whenever we're in the same room. Welsh Avenger.

Bread: The pun war rages on, and Guy Fieri decides to cook some sausages over the fire.

Bunton: Gnot a gnelf, gnot a gnoblin. He's an absolute tosser.

Croquembouche: Breaker of hearts.

CorvusCaurinus: Wants to fuck Air Bud.

DanMoss: The secretly french member of the British Isles Avengers. Another voice actor! Blimey.

dentix: The Big Gay. The Site19 ceiling is theirs.

detectiveroscoe: One half of the ultimate emotional support dream team!

DialgaTheTimeLord: Owner of a secret dictionary. Work continues to learn what lies within.

djkaktus: Thanos killed 1/2 a universe. Kaktus killed at least 100% of a universe. No.

doctor_roswell: When people talk about string theory, they mean the universal spaghetti that is this lad.

drawnspoon6: Isn't able to do [action]. Not since the accident.

Elisabeans: Milkshake does not bring all the boys to the yard. [But damn right, it's better than mine.]

FloppyPhoenix: The madlad, she actually did it. She made SCP-2. She will be linked by Marv a lot.

Gee0765: Day = ruined. Bee murderer. Incorrect opinion haver.

Ghostpage: the reason I'm now down a lot of cash in neoprene and a sewing machine.

Gishface: whatever happened in Morocco, we are not to know of it.

Hippo: If it's excellent, it's highly likely that Hippo will take credit for it.

ihp: serial shark be-titter. What I'm saying is; three shark tit conversations in 24 hours is a lot.

Jabyrwock: Punmaster in training. Potentially a Quikngruvn alt, but that's unconfirmed.

Jazstar: Operator of a PERFECTLY LEGAL battle royal between various authors and SCP objects.

KarlWynter: Interdimensional noodle wrangler.

KindlyTurtleClem: Permanently sticky webcam. I'll let you fill in the blanks on that one.

Klurg: Just lurks, taps head. Doesn't think I'll put this on the page. Is wrong.

lurkd: Dares to show her face.1

LordofLaugh: Bear-man of the Creek in the Land of the Hares, and also the name bot

MaliceAF: Eyy, wanker! He owes me a fiver now. Purveyor of fine π™±πš•πš˜πšŠπšβ„’

Metaphysician: Bribed the bot to join the Sarkics.

MightyIRC: Cannot die, trust me we've tried.

NeonSkitty: Stealer of teeth.

North: The other half of the ultimate emotional support dream team! Most prolific poet in the site!

not_a_seagull: isn’t a seagull[Citation Needed]

nulljellyfish: Anything + null = "ew"

Organic_Panic: There can only be one.

PanniK: Hold the fucking phone, buster. BAD DECISIONS RELATED TO ALCOHOL HAVE BEEN MADE.

plaidypus: "Excuse you CuteGirl, I love sausage!" Direct quote, ladies and gentlemen.

Pratten: In awe at the size of this lad. Producer of many a fine birb. Leads the Aussie Council.

Proasek: Mechanical Goddess who drinks a lot of rum and wears a suit. Owns the gong of truth.

Quikngruvn: The punmaster supreme (Note: doesn't make his puns good), and also old as shit.

restlessSleeper: Bone-consumer with intergalactic bones. Doesn't get references.

Rex-McKey: Chaotic-Neutral. Will shoot everything given the slightest chance. Subject to status-quo.

rounderhouse: The actual worst, many appendages.


Scented_Shadow: Hey, have you seen SCP-4975 yet?

Secretary_Helen: Not Team Bird, Cult Xilas or Cult Proasek, and resistance is futile. Does her own thing.

SeraDomiCher: Didn't think they'd get this far. Keen to write an anime series.

shaggydreadlocks: On fire with these puns.

sketchythoughts: Is back. May drink coffee, but agrees that PG Tips is sewage. un-RIP internet.

Solari: Gained the power of the gods by stealing two holy scalpels. Replacer of PanniK.

Soulless: Readying the delete buttom, after dinner of course. Wine ExplainerTM.

Stallmantic: Charles "Chug Chug" Stallmantic.

stormbreath: CSS magic man. I hear. The one you're thinking of.

stormfallen: Meme of the year, every year. Not the one you're thinking of.

Swaghetti: South Arican by descent. Prepare thine anus for the weirdness and watch-mania. at Swag-time.

Taylor_Itkin: The owner and sole employee of Essential Seeing Penis ltd. Who gave him this power?

thedeadlymoose: One of very few things able to scare a disk-jockeying Cactaceae.

The_Luggage: "*real men* use rocket fisters"

thewalkindude368: Is a sign, not a cop.

TRutherford: The "T" stands for Tsundere.

TSATPWTCOTTTADC: A cyborg robot cybird who knows what’s up. of many names.

Tufto: Obscure eastern history knowledge source.

TyvanDelfar: DO I COPY THEM OR DO THEY COPY ME HOW DO I KNOWWWW?!?!?!? [Answer likely #2]

unclenicolini: Possibly dead. I'm obliged to love them forever regardless. Horny little fucker, isn't he?

Vestroyax: German with indestructible mohawk. Colour unknown

War_: Incredibly brittle.

watchman: HE SEES ALL! Or at least, some. My very good friend. (May have a broken shift key.)

weryllium: short skip master. teach me daddy wery, oh wait, this is being recorded?


xath: Fellow voice actor. Fell victim to one of the classic blunders, and was played like a fiddle.

XilasCrowe: #AxolotlLoveForever "will be watching" The all consuming deity, her mouths are endless.

Zhange: Cultist in about 20 cults. Soon to be Saitama, if reports are to be believed.

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