Self Insert Fiction

SCENE DESCRIPTION: Dark grey blank screen, light static filter.

CHARACTERS: Narrator (voice altered with radio filter) will read the entirety.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Scene should drift off and become less clear towards the end, fading into the next scene. Footnotes are to be read aloud in the manner of "Footnote; [content]"

Description: SCP-XXXX is a dark grey IBM mechanical typewriter, with no physical deviations from the standard production model. When used to write a complete work of fiction12 the writer is near-instantly transported into the universe described by the work. SCP-XXXX is not physically transported to the fictional universe, however a version of it can be found (usually in locations where key story moments occur) and used to return to the baseline reality.

Examinations of works written after the triggering of the primary anomaly do not reveal any further anomalous effects, however a single line of description invariably appears, stating: "And on that table is a dark grey typewriter." along with alterations to surrounding text to accommodate such a line. If this line is not already present within the written work, it appears during the activation of the primary effect.

SCENE DESCRIPTION: Clean room, lockers one side. Table with chair in center of room, facing door. Typewriter on table (in use.

CHARACTERS: Dr James Madden (MAD), Sr Researcher Dr Barlow (BAR).


Main light in scene is off. MAD is sat in the chair. BAR has yet to enter scene. MAD types continuously.

[Camera should slowly pan from the doorway half way to the desk, so that the typewriter is facing away from it. Approx 8 seconds.]

[Camera angle change to over the right shoulder of MAD so that the door can be seen. Slowly change focus from the typewriter to the door.]

BEEP sound effect is heard from the door. BAR enters scene through the door. BAR turns on the lights.





[also startled]

Doctor Madden? What are you doing here?

[Camera changes to show the desk from the right side as facing the door, center on typewriter]

BAR approaches MAD, to the right of the table as facing the door. BAR turns to face the typewriter.

[Camera changes to show the side of the desk facing the door, upwards angle focusing on BAR's face.]

BAR removes page from the typewriter.



What exactly do you think you are doing? Testing with the Object is forbidden without permission from the Site Director. Do I need to remind you of basic protocol?



No, Doctor Barlow. You do not.

[Camera changes to BAR's back, focus on MAD's face.]

MAD becomes increasingly uncomfortable throughout the next section.


[mocking tone]

Let's see what you have written then.


"Arise now, as a knight of the realm. For saving us from our villainous puppet masters

[Camera changes to behind MAD, focus on the typewriter.]


I grant you land upon which to resettle your people. You will forever have the full support of the kingdom should you ever require it."

[mocking tone]

A bit much, isn't it James?

[Camera changes to facing the desk from the perspective of a corner security camera.]

MAD shifts in his chair awkwardly, and attempts to speak but is cut off.


[increasingly irritated or angry]

If you have any experiments to conduct with the Object, then you are obligated to propose it to me. If you have any experiments to conduct with the Object, you are not to conduct it yourself, but with non-critical detainees. If you have any experiments to conduct with the Object, you are NOT to do it yourself in a darkened room at three in the morning.

[stern and angry]

Do I make myself clear, Doctor Madden?

[Camera changes to show the desk from the right side as facing the door, center on typewriter]

All pause for four seconds.



Yes, Doctor Barlow.


[stern, quietly]

Get the hel out of my sight.

[Camera changes to show the door beyond the desk, centered on the typewriter]

MAD gets out of chair, slowly walks towards door past the left hand side of the desk as facing the door.

[Camera changes to the far right corner of the desk, center on the empty chair.]

BAR pauses alone in the room for a second, then sits down in the chair, and pulls himself into position in front of the typewriter.

[Camera changes to show the desk from the point of view of the door, moving slowly backwards for approx 8 seconds.]

Sound of typing can be heard as the camera starts to move, all the way until the end of the scene. Door closes, revealing the Foundation logo in its center.

[Camera pans right to show a poster on the wall next to the door, with a yellow banner stating "OBJECT CLASS: SAFE" and a list of generic containment procedures, alongside a single image of the interior room, with the table in its middle.]

[And on that table is a dark grey typewriter.]

[Fade to black]

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