Item #: SCP-914

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-914 is a highly complex mechanical device that measures approximately eighteen square metres in footprint, and is estimated to weigh between three and four metric tons1 SCP-914 is primarily constructed of brass and high-carbon steel steels, however other materials appear frequently in its construction. What has been catalogued of the object is comprised entirely of multiple types of worm and spur gears, belts or pulleys, and various related components commonly associated with clock manufacture or mechanical movements.

SCP-914 is constructed around a proportionally large mainspring which can be driven via a key set into the face plate of the object. Also set on this plate is a selection knob with five usable settings. In addition, two booths are separated from the main body of the object via copper tubing which are labelled as the intake and output of the object respectively.

The primary anomalous effect of SCP-914 manifests when an object is placed within the "intake" booth and the mainspring is fully driven, at which point both intake and output booths will close and become inaccessible without causing severe damage to the object. SCP-914 will then modify any items placed within the intake according to the setting chosen via the selection knob. These settings are:

  • Rough: The item(s) will be destroyed beyond function, typically including the neutralisation of anomalous properties, using means such as high temperature cutting and tearing.
  • Coarse: The item(s) will be deconstructed into more basic components, usually by structural deconstruction, separation of compounds, or division into smaller samples.
  • 1:1: The item(s) will be restructured to be different, but of equal value based on some specific or arbitrary metric.
  • Fine: The item(s) will be refined such that their value is greater than the input, by some specific or arbitrary metric.
  • Very Fine:
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