Intelligence Agency Data Archive-Subject: Red Red Wedding

Intelligence Agency James Bond spy action movie Some Raid on a Sarkic Cult.

St. George’s Chapel – England – 11:35 AM:

"It’ll be fine. You’ll be okay." Romeo sweats as he repeats the thoughts he’s been saying all day.

There she is. Selena’s father walks her down the aisle in her wedding dress. Her eyes shimmer in the light. Family and friends all wait patiently from the pews for the ceremony to begin.

"Everything is okay." Romeo relaxes and smiles.

Selena reaches his side. Romeo lifts her veil. "You look amazing."

Selena beams. "Thank you… it’s so nice to be able to see you again." Selena then drops her voice to a whisper. "Your ass looks great in that suit." Blood rushes to Romeo’s face.

The priest chuckles. "May we begin?"

Romeo and Selena nod a determined yes.

Words are said. Vows are made. The ceremony goes so quickly. Just like that, it’s the main event.

"… I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Romeo and Selena embrace, kiss, and shed their skin. Their original bodies meld together to form a mass of flesh that stretches to the rafters. The crowd screams as the married couple's pure form writhes in the chapel.

Research Site-11 – 3:00 PM:

A short and aged man with a clean bald head leads a group of junior researchers down the hallway.

"Next week we’ll be gathering data on the effects of sentimentality on objects put into SCP-914. Please don’t forget to bring your own sentimental item for testing."

Two researchers chatter at the back of the group. One is tall and walks with wild flair; the other wears an odd pair of red and blue glasses and keeps his steps calm and purposeful.

The tall one nudges his friend in the side. "North, dude. Elijah totally checking me out."

North yawns as he adjusts his oddly tinted eyewear. “So, what are you gonna do about it?”

Bixtwist suddenly yanks North's arm. "SHIT! He's coming this way! How do I look?"

A red-headed man with eyes like a happy animal makes his way between the two researchers.

"North, Bix, you two bringing anyone to the Site-11’s yearly ball?” Elijah seemed rather cheerful today.

Holding back a chuckle North shook his head. “Nah mate, nothing worth going for.”

Rolling his eyes at his friends statement Bix nudged North again. “I will drag you to it if need be. What about you Elijah? Brining anyone yourself?”

The rather cheery face turned a tad bit sour as Elijah awkwardly rubs his arm. “Uh not yet, no just got turned down by Ray.”

“Ouch, that’s rough. Sorry to hear that lad.” North gave Elijah a quick pat on his shoulder.

“You could always come with me if you wanted.” Bix said with a charming smile.

Elijah perks right back up. “Bixtwist that would be just lovely! Pick me up at six?”

Bix winks. Elijah skips his way back to the front of the group his red hair bounding along.

North pats his partner on the back. “When you invite him over after the party, do try to keep it down. The flat is noisy enough.”

Bix puts an arm around his buddy. “The day you finally invite someone over to the flat, you have my permission to be as loud as the hell you want.”

BEEP. An inner earpiece communication.

Agents North and Bixtwist. Report to 05-9. This is an Intelligence Agency Emergency.

North and Bix exchange a quick look. There wasn’t any attendance checking today. It should be clear. The two of them silently break away from the group and head for the nearest elevator. The short and aged man continues droning as he lectures the rest of the researchers.

Elijah stops for a moment. He looks around curiously. Was there… no. His mind is just playing tricks on him. What did the old man say just now?

05-9’s Office - 3:15 PM:

“Doctor Carlos North reporting in.”

“Agent Bixtwist Becker reporting in.”

The two of them were standing in full attention.

O5-9 sits behind a table. His face is cloaked in shadows. A large monitor behind him shows locations all over the globe. Multiple light show up on the screen in safe green color, one is in ared alarm.

Nine quickly gestured to the red light. “Bad news gentlemen, approximately four hours ago, there was an incident at the St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, England.”

The entire monitor behind Nine displays an image of a tower of flesh inside the chapel. Agent Bixtwist winces. Doctor North peers over the top of his tinted glasses for a second.

“Romeo Teodoro and Selena Winchester transformed into a flesh abomination during their wedding ceremony. Foundation first responders find the entity similar to Sarkite creations and our researchers in Sarkic texts have deduced that this flesh entity is merely a conduit for a bigger ritual.”

Bix looks around at the photo. “Were the couple Sarkic?”

Nine brings up images of Romeo and Selena on the monitor. “Oddly enough, they had no history with Sarkicism that the Intelligence Agency knew of.”

North looks for any clues on the couple’s photos. “So what’s the plan, Nine?”

“The Intelligence Agency has gathered intell on a Neo-Sarkite gathering to be hosted by an English Karcist, Ichabod Johnsling.”

The monitor shows a barrel chested man sitting in a large manor.

“Your job is to infiltrate the gathering and find out as much as you can about the ritual.”

Glancing between Bix and Nine, North slowly gave a nod. “I’ll go get my rifle.’

“This is a recon mission you two. Keep things quite, the goal is just information.” The mointor starts flickering as it returns to the map of the globe.

Bix titles his head off to the side. “We’re to keep this mission clean?”

Nine nods. “Yes, Agent Ray has already been informed and will be joining you on the mission. I want as little casualties as possible for the time being.”

(Ichabod Johnsling’s Manor Party) disguises and finding out about the great sarkite wedding tomorrow.
(Felicia Del Rio and Antoine Salnikov’s Wedding) kill the bride and groom
(SCP-914 testing)

Research Site-11 – 7:00 PM: (SITE-11 BALL SCENE)

Bald researcher - a college professor
Carlos North - German Solid Snake
Bixtwist Becker – German Deadpool
Elijah - a manic pixie dream twink

Ray Lefty – American something

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