Proasek does stuff

A broken mast on a drifting ship sways from side to side,
and the open hull of the ship gives way to the salty sea.
No more is the tide at the mercy of the now broken keel,
rather instead the belly of the beast is opened entirely to it.

A lone figure stands atop that shattered vessel,
their hair glimmering pale blue against the dark brown of the deck.
She raises a hand to her face, and removed the green visor,
which sits atop her dark brown eyes.

"Woe is this place,"
She says, heart breaking.
"Woe is this place and the loss of those who created it."

She turns now,
and in her mind constructs the scene that befell this ship.
A raging beast, so noble and impudent,
basks in the destruction it has wrought.

But of course that isn't the case,
no writhing Kraken or Charybdis formed this trauma.
It was the work of modern canon fire,
of man,
of herself.

She sits atop the bowing deck,
legs crossed in prayer to herself.
For now she begins to write anew,
an epic tale for souls abandoned.

What, you expected quality?

Boy howdy, are you in the wrong neighborhood.


The story of Proasek trying to write horror. It goes as well as expected.

The story of Proasek trying to hide from the fuzz.

The story of Proasek attempting to make sense of MTF names

The story of that time Proasek came up with a kicking MTF name, then worked backwards on a story

The story of Proasek turning a meme into a decent Skip, and following the process

The story of Proasek trying to make something for the End of Death canon without prior research

The story of how Proasek got annoyed by the lack of a minor GoI's page, and so decided to make one.

The story of Proasek making an epic poem for the purpose of why the fuck not.

The story that must never be told.

The story of Proasek realising that they could make a r̶e̶l̶i̶g̶i̶o̶n̶ canon outta this.

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