Pratten's Kangaroo Farm
Pen # Content
The Pen of The Kangaroo Tail Chapter 4 of my stunning tale
Foundation Down Under Larry doesn't like his new scaly co worker…
Critters Critters for all articles
Greg the Croc Tale about Greg
Research for Aussie Canon Research! DO NOT FUCK THIS UP
Larry tale 3 Larry has a bit of a problem
Author Page Author page
down under footer footer
Visual snow scp or tale Come on man, you can do this
Table for visual snow scp Yeah it's this
Greg's animalistic instincts
Clive Palmer (impact) SCP Thank you dentix, rounder, and rockteeth for this wonderful creation.
Exchange SCP For [REDACTED]
Vegemite river tale down under Thanks plaguebearer for this horrible wonderful idea
Origin of Clive Palmer in Outback Series Please dont hurt me
tale for SCP-1401 Please dont hurt me
TOSIR Hub Time for a tale hub!
Chapter 5 TOSIR We get to see Nathaniel again!
Australia Church of Australia Thank you mlister!
Tale about double decker fly racing "Dream about 2 double deckers (American and British), having a race (they fly). Make that a tale or something." - me
TOSIR Chapter 6 Since I'm working with Boogey, I'll need to review notes and PMs
To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach Man, these guys don't like rips, do they?
Sorls Safety and Protection Corporation A new GOI, hopefully
What the hell is going on in the world? Why do they all want to go to Alabama?
The Jetboat Company Jetboating company that specializes in extra dimensional boatrides
O5 personnel Surely this is grand, and hopefully not weird
4 signs an a roulette Man these signs should be the fucking weather guy, they're 100 percent accurate!
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