OSCP Voice Lines
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Note to self: Use code from here to make it fancy pants.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I'm Proasek, best known for doing absolutely nothing of note apart from Ambrose, but also a brief bit of OSCP voice acting in SCP-4785. This has, of course, gone to my head and made me realise that nobody's claimed the role of 'official voice of OSCP terminals everywhere.'

This being me, I immediately decided to record a bunch of line for such a role. Go ahead and pick and choose, and if you've any suggestions for more voice lines, go ahead and send ProasekProasek a PM, or flag me down o'er in #Site19. Alternatively, if you fancy something done special (for if you're making a format screw, or just want a real esoteric message) then go ahead and let me know and I'll send it to you direct.

Use my shit!

Go here for broken code and tears.

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