Minor Groups Of Interest

This is not an in-universe page, and is intended to be a reference for writers to see if their idea for a group has already been done, and to track the progress of minor groups.

Not all the groups listed here are being actively developed, some being inactive for multiple years. Be sure to seek out the respective authors if you wish to write for any of these groups.

All groups listed below do NOT meet the requirements to appear on this page, or for some reason do not appear there. If any of these groups do appear on that page, they will be removed from here.


(Items listed alongside a "•" are not listed under an official name, as none have been provided.)

Group: Appears in: Description:
Obskuracorps Obskuracorps Memos Acquired in Operation BLACK ROPE, SCP-3878, SCP-3457, Eshu 2, Archival Document -- HSA-008-Advent, A Man of Clay and Men Formerly Men, RAISA-6147 (PENDING ASSIGNMENT), SCP-3554, SCP-4017
The Ambrose Restaurant The Ambrose Fair, Ambrose Temecula, Dining Out, If You Can't Take The Heat..., Oh, I Wouldn't Worry About Flaky-Os, SCP-4554 restaurant that serves anomalous meals
Redzone Security Redzone Advisory, Redzone Advisory Base, Redzone RedDB Archive Asynchronous Copy Vulnerability, Under Control, The Analog Kid
Deer College About Deer College, Overheard At Deer, Portlands Derby Teams, SCP-4991
MI666 Operation LLEWYN DARK, SCP-3256
Shark Punching Center All pages tagged "shark-punching-center"
The Golden Horde SCP-4989, SCP-3986, SC-95/347-00/723, Golden Horde Funk, Golden Horde Blues, Commentary on Selected Items in the Seimei Gallery
dado page what is for dado hub yes
The Black Rabbit Company Stealing Solidarity Hub
Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Examination Agency IJAMEA Hub
The Church of the Second Hytoth SCP-2417, SCP-2742, The Undoing, SCP-2651, SCP-4017, SCP-1548, SCP-475, SCP-2821, SCP-3417, SCP-4066
Xia Dynasty SCP-2711, SCP-2481, SCP-2847, About the Serpent, Document-2481, SCP-4017
Children of the Torch Document-3965-Il, SCP-3965, SCP-2814, SCP-2995 SCP-475, SCP-2481
Accelerate The Future SCP-3312, SCP-3508
American Secure Containment Initiative SCP-3872, Document OWi, SCP-2750, Parting, Ghost, Interviews with Prospective Groups of Interest, SCP-3310, SCP-4004, SCP-1328, Containment Site-88, SCP-2896, SCP-1851-EX, SCP-2005, New Technical Issues, "Mr Brightside"
Her Majesties Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal Document 2237 Bravo, SCP-2823, SCP-2500, Nx-03, SCP-4077, Djoric-Dmatix Proposal, When One Reaches the End, The Adventures of Lord Blackwood, Explorer and Gen
Austral Empires
Brazen Heart SCP-2427, SCP-4922
Bonifay Family SCP-1890, SCP-1928, SCP-1896
Caverage Company SCP-2224,
Children Of The Night SCP-1000, Tim Wilson's Close Shave
"Can you Really See How Cars can be Rowdy Sometimes" Corporation SCP-1727, SCP-1894 Manufacturer of car related anomalies.
Daevite Civilization SCP-140, SCP-392, Document OWi, SCP-2131, The Great Siege of Julabin, SCP-3140, SCP-3399, SCP-4008
Flyboy Incorporated Damnatio Memoriae
• Industrialist Order
Journeymen SCP-2343, 'Rogue AI' (NVEO4/YVN3E/PN6UG), 'Brian Brayer Brand Pocket Vacations' (CM3SP/OPK97, SCP-2987, SCP-3813
Kervier International SCP-2951, SCP-3355, Summa Modus Operandi, SCP-3813
Light Courier Enterprises SCP-1740, SCP-1920, SCP-1940, SCP-2940, Radiance And Cachinnation, SCP-2395
Order Of The Hyacinth The Hyacinth Hymnal, SCP-2139, SCP-2558
Stuff Industry The Stuff Industry Hub
Red Actors Troupe SCP-1837, SCP-1513
Sugarcomb Confectionery SCP-1517, SCP-1459
TotleighSoft SCP-3492, SCP-2803, SCP-2219, SCP-4293, SCP-3643
• Wehrner's Organization
Yeah We're Totally Going To Hell For This SCP-2030, SCP-3943, Deceptive Cadence, SCP-1459
• three-moons initiative Deceptive Cadence, SCP-2578, SCP-3922, SCP-3319
Cétlaidí SCP-3004, SCP-3089
The Attendants of Requital A Strange Orientation, Subliminal Manipulations, SCP-4061
Directorate K SCP-1659, Mr. Normie, Automatic Stop
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