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Sherwin & Carver Packaging

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the shutdown of all businesses operating under the company Sherwin & Carver Packaging, the building that SCP-XXXX is located within has been converted into Containment Site-17C. Containment Site-17C is to be guarded by a minimum of 4 security personnel, 2 guarding the perimeter of the building and 2 guarding the interior. All personnel located in Containment Site-17C are to undergo thorough background checks for any previously committed crimes. Testing involving SCP-XXXX is to be approved by one level 4 personnel. As of 6/27/██, testing involving SCP-XXXX has been strictly forbidden. Under no circumstances are D-Class personnel to be supplied to Containment Site-17C to prevent the activation of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large industrial device located in a factory of the former Foundation front Sherwin & Carver Packaging. SCP-XXXX appears to be constructed from the parts of several meat grinders and meat processing machines. SCP-XXXX consists of a large conveyor belt leading into the side of a cube-shaped metal container. Two large vents are located on the sides of the container that constantly emit a light blue smoke. On the opposite side of the container is a small metal door. The hinges of the door are severely corroded, rendering the door unable to be opened without causing significant damage to the machine. A faint blue light is constantly emitted from the spaces between the door and the machine. The words “D-Class Meat Grinder” are crudely written on the side of the machine in white lettering.

SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties manifest when a person who has previously committed a crime that could result in life imprisonment within the United States makes contact with SCP-XXXX’s conveyor. Once contact is made, the subject will enter a state similar to a medically induced coma. The subject will not respond to any form of stimuli while in this state. Removing the subject from SCP-XXXX does not reverse the effect. All humans within eyesight of SCP-XXXX will begin to lift the subject onto the conveyor. SCP-XXXX will then begin running, moving the subject across the conveyor into the metal container. Sounds of crunching and grinding metal are heard from SCP-XXXX after the subject enters the container. An increased amount of smoke will begin to emit from SCP-XXXX. During this period of time, the humans who had previously lifted the subject will congregate around SCP-XXXX in a large circle. This will continue for 6 minutes until a large flash of blue light is emitted from within the metal cube. Once this flash is emitted, affected individuals will attempt to locate any individual not affected by SCP-XXXX and force them into the machine. Investigations of SCP-XXXX has revealed no trace of subjects that had previously entered it. Following the conclusion of the anomalous events, humans who had congregated around SCP-XXXX show no memory of the event but will recall feelings of overwhelming euphoria during that time.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX was discovered on 1/16/██ after the disappearance of multiple D-Class personnel stationed at the factory. An investigation was prompted after a lack of communication from the factory for a period of 2 weeks. This lead to the discovery of SCP-XXXX. Interviews with employees of Sherwin & Carver Packaging revealed a large memory gap during this timeframe. The use of an anti-memetic treatment for the purpose of retrieving information about this incident was proposed and agreed upon by the 05 Council. D-2843, one of the D-Class personnel stationed at the factory, underwent the treatment and was interviewed afterward.

Incident Report: On 6/27/██, it was noticed that requests from Containment Site-17C for D-Class personnel for SCP-XXXX testing and general site maintenance had been steadily increasing. After a significant lack of communication from Containment Site-17C other than mandatory reports and previously stated requests, MTF-Zeta-24 (“Western Front”) were dispatched to investigate. It was discovered that previous testing had caused Foundation personnel to begin placing D-Class personnel on the site within SCP-XXXX. All personnel on site were found surrounding SCP-XXXX while attempting to forcefully insert the corpse of an unidentified D-Class into the anomaly. Once MTF-Zeta-24 was noticed, affected personnel then began to attack the squadron by using makeshift weaponry created from surrounding machines. MTF-Zeta-24 was forced to terminate all personnel within Containment Site-17C. A quick search of the building revealed the corpses of 17 D-Class personnel arranged in a ritualistic pattern on the factory floor. Several corpses were found to have thaumaturgic symbols and patterns of unknown significance carved into their torsos. An investigation into the meaning of the arrangement and symbols is currently ongoing.

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