Socks, and a Lack Thereof

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bre4d 3/02/20 (Tues) 19:24:58 #29487414

I'm the coroner for a small town in the United States. I don't want to give too much away, because I'm still living there, but it's somewhere in the Midwest with a population around 7,000. I've lived here all my life, and I'm really close with the local police. Usually, towns this size don't really need a dedicated coroner, but certain circumstances have made it necessary, and I'm constantly on call if something comes up.

On the edge of town, there used to be a factory. It was more of a decomposing shell of a factory than anything. It looked like the kind of place you'd tell your kids not to play in, but they would anyways. Not this one though. Nobody ever liked to talk about it. There was nothing wrong with it at first glance, but it just gave off this vibe of unease. It's been there for as long as I can remember, and anyone I asked would either advise me to stay away from it or just shrug. The only identifying thing on the property was a sign hanging above the front entrance. "Milton P. Sherman Sock Manufacturing Plant." Don't try looking it up, you won't get any results. It's a silly name, I know, but knowing that hardly reduces the amount of menace that approaching that terrible building gives off. Friends I knew growing up would swear up and down that you could hear the sound of machinery at night. I wouldn't have believed them, but I had heard them too when I slept over. The faint spinning and whirring of machinery. I didn't sleep over again after that.

Factory past the edge of town
Nobody knows anything about it, been around for so long
Don't even know if it's condemned to rot, or someone actually owns the tattered remains
Everyone said it made socks, joke about it, but yea still
Police won't investigate, because small town yadda yadda everyone ignored it
You'd hear machinery noises sometimes, just faint enough you couldn't tell if it was real
Person is a police officer

Everyone who ever enters the factory dies, mainly at night
Found in some way, terribly maimed in a way they couldn't have physically been
Parts of them missing covered in wool
Doesn't matter how many people enter, always found dead
Urban explorers, they just don't listen to the rumors, and pay for it

Burnt down, police say it was probably a hobo fire, but everyone knows it was arson or sonething else
When the remains were excavated, they find corpses and mangled bits of meat
They had all been completely stripped of their flesh, which was made into socks

"Now I don't know what exactly was happening in that terrible place, but I know one thing for certain. Those bits of flesh and viscera, charred and blackened by the fire, sure did look a hell of a lot like socks."

There used to be a factory on the edge of town nobody liked. Some industrial building made of brick and metal, with those high checkered windows you just high enough to keep you from looking inside. At least, I think everyone disliked it. Everyone I ever asked as a kid said the same thing, "It's nothing, just don't worry about it".

There used to be factory on the edge of town that nobody liked. Some industrial building made of brick and metal, with those dark glass windows too high for you to quite see through. You know the type. It's been around for as long as I can remember, and I think anyone can remember. Everyone I've ever asked says the same thing. "

There's a factory on the edge of my town that nobody likes. I should say there used to be, because a while back our town was finally able to convince the town to demolish it. They put up a laundrymat in its place, some family from out-of-town set up shop there.

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