Loaf 14
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Item#: XXXX
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Special Containment Procedures: Known herds of SCP-XXXX are to be periodically monitored from a distance by Foundation operated submersible drones. Deceased instances of SCP-XXXX are to be kept within the Site-94 marine facility for study. Organisms dissected by SCP-XXXX are to be recovered and placed within a saline tank located within Site-94. These organisms are to be regularly administered dosages of anesthetics as to account for the constant cell death and reformation these organisms experience.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a previously undiscovered species of equine located within the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Specimens of SCP-XXXX are extremely decayed with large sloughs of dead skin hanging from their bodies, exposing muscles and various internal structures. The internal cavity of SCP-XXXX is completely flooded with seawater. The tissue of SCP-XXXX is pale in coloration due to its extended time spent within the water. Across SCP-XXXX body are oddly discolored patches of varying color and size, not matching the appearance of SCP-XXXX’s skin. A majority of SCP-XXXX instances have been discovered without any form of skin or muscle covering the skull, with the eyes and brain of the instances being completely removed.

With the exception of its decayed state, the physiology of SCP-XXXX are identical to that of most non-anomalous species of equine. Little to no information is known regarding SCP-XXXX’s continued survival within the depths of the ocean. Further research concerning this is currently underway. It is currently theorized that SCP-XXXX somehow first arrived at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean before gaining their anomalous effects. Research into how SCP-XXXX reached their current location has been made difficult as all attempts to approach or contain SCP-XXXX have been met by instances reacting violently before fleeing from Foundation personnel.

When approached, SCP-XXXX will release a wave of unknown frequency. Nearby SCP-XXXX instances will join the original instance, amplifying the frequency across a much larger distance. Living organisms who hear this frequency begin to experience symptoms similar to gangrene. Portions of the organism’s tissue will begin to decay, quickly spreading throughout the body. Decomposition will normally begin within the circulatory system of the organism, increasing the rate of infection. Notably, organisms are unable to die through this process of complete decay. CAT scans of human subjects exposed to this effect have revealed neural activity within the brain or deceased subjects, despite complete cell death within the remainder body. Due to the rapid rate of decomposition, subjects will become completely immobile following several minutes after initial exposure. Although with this decaying effect, it has been observed that the rate of cell reproduction within vital areas of the body immediately spikes following the decaying process. This results in large tumorous growths and calcified layers to cover the body, further immobilizing the victim.

Once complete paralyzation has occurred, SCP-XXXX will begin stripping organs and tissue from disabled victims and grafting it to their body mass via an unknown process. If additional instances are present, portions of the organism will be equally dispersed among the instances, with the majority of the material going to the smallest instance. Sections of skin will be grafted over holes in the external structure, while internal organs are forced within the internal cavity of the entities. Bones and other harder structures are violently inserted into the decaying flesh, extruding from the entities. SCP-XXXX will utilize all portions of the victim, excluding material objects and the nervous system. Once the stripping process is complete, SCP-XXXX will retreat from the scene, leaving the remaining portions of organic material to decay and reconstruct indefinitely.

Once the organism is completely immobilized, SCP-XXXX will slowly pick apart the cadaver, using its teeth to add portions of the decaying flesh onto its body. Bones from cadavers are violently inserted into the decaying flesh, extruding from the entities. SCP-XXXX will utilize all portions of cadavers, excluding the entirety of the nervous system, which remains within the water until it is consumed by another organism.

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