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Title: Nothing Can Kill The Grimace

Tags: contagion extradimensional k-class-scenario keter probability scp spacetime temporal uncontained

Critters: rattlesrattles LaneousLaneous


I've always wondered what Grimace was actually meant to represent. I remember hearing somewhere that he was the physical embodiment of a milkshake, but I can't find my source. Honestly it always just felt like he existed, without any specific reason to be there. Watching. Waiting.

Huge thanks to my critters:

This article is a big step away from what I'm used to writing and I'm generally happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

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SCP-4874: Nothing Can Kill The Grimace
Author: Deadly BreadDeadly Bread

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Item#: 4874
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation reality crawlers are to scan known universes for possible events and scenarios pertaining to SCP-4874. Universes undergoing SCP-4874 are to be monitored for their eventual collapse. Significant events within affected universes are to be recorded for future reference. Upon an affected universe's destruction, adjacent universes are to be continually monitored for significant changes to their baseline reality.

Universes adjacent to SCPF-B5R802 are to be monitored for sudden dimensional or temporal shifts. In the event of SCP-4874's presence in an adjacent universe, it is to be treated as a possible ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario and Foundation resources are to be used to place considerable distance between the affected universe and SCPF-B5R802.

Description: SCP-4874 is a self-propagating universal phenomenon capable of manipulating probability. The end result of SCP-4874 is the creation of a hypothetical mascot owned and produced by the McDonald's fast-food franchise. According to temporal calculations, the chance of SCP-4874 naturally occurring within a universe is near impossible. The universal occurrences responsible for SCP-4874 occurring require the violation of numerous universal constants, the formation of impossible structures, and environmental processes only achievable in extradimensional spaces. This often results in the complete destruction of the universe, with the means of destruction varying from the shifting of interval mathematical constants to the complete cessation of atomic bonding.

When a universe undergoing SCP-4874 is destroyed to a point where SCP-4874 is unable to continue, a universe adjacent to the affected universe will begin to undergo SCP-4874.1 Adjacent universes that do not contain the universal factors necessary for SCP-4874 will experience intense temporal shifts similar to a CK-Class Restructuring Scenario, often resulting in the universe's destruction. The closest that any known universe has come to completing SCP-4874 is Universe T8YHL, which collapsed upon the introduction of a 4th-dimensional planetoid to the Sol System. Currently, there is no known way of stopping SCP-4874's self-propagation. It is unknown why this process exists, or why its result is the creation of a fast-food franchise's mascot.

Addendum.4874.1: Included below are several notable events that invariably occur during SCP-4874. A full list of currently known factors can be found in Document 4874-I through XVII.

  • The existence of nine planets within the Sol System, the third of which having the ability to support carbon-based life.
  • The formation of the McDonald's fast-food franchise in San Bernardino, California, U.S.A.
  • The suicide of Adolf Hitler, preventing the discovery of artificial non-Euclidean constructions by several decades.
  • The death of Richard McDonald in 1998 following his possession by a Phlegethontal-class demonic entity.
  • The creation of a department specializing in the investigation of anomalous meat products within the FDA.
  • The evolutionary development of biological 4th-dimensional travel in multicellular organisms, which is required to stop the assassination of Tobias Flint, who would later develop the first silicon-based potato substitute.
  • The complete evacuation of Japan following a localized NK-Class "Grey Goo" Scenario, converting the entire landmass into solidified dairy product.
  • The creation of reliable renewable energy through successful manipulation of the Planck constant.
  • The abandonment of the FDA by the United States government following its acquisition by the McDonald's franchise.
  • The establishment of a prominent religion worshipping the fictional character Ronald McDonald as a deity.
  • The destruction of Neptune by the Global Occult Coalition following the discovery of a massive extradimensional bovine developing within the planetoid.
  • The dissolution of the European Union, triggering to the collapse of several third world governments.
  • The late Maurice McDonald is reanimated through mass suicides across the United States in the name of the McDonald's franchise.
  • A foreign interplanetary object impacting the Earth, resulting in the destruction of the Australian continent.
  • The concept of a milkshake is retroactively removed from the public consciousness
  • The extinction of roughly 87% of all organic life within the Sol System.
  • The displacement of all liquid receptacles to an unknown dimension.

Addendum.4874.2: On 09/17/23, Foundation interdimensional Hume destabilization detectors discovered a sudden spike in Hume readings within Universe G18IM. During initial readings, it was found that G18IM matched almost all known requirements for the natural generation of SCP-4874, with the exception of one.2 Further exploration conducted by remote spacefaring drones found that almost all solar bodies surrounding the Sol System had vanished, with remaining bodies becoming similar in size to brown dwarfs. Within the Sol System was a large mass of purple matter, designated SCP-4874-1. SCP-4874-1 occupied the area formerly occupied by Earth-G18IM. SCP-4874-1 was approximately 307% larger than Earth-G18IM was originally estimated to be. From SCP-4874-1 extended tendrils that were attached to nearby planetoids, which were covered in a similar purple matter. Seismic readings indicated that the interior of these planetoids was composed of liquid material, which was slowly being drained into SCP-4874-1. On the surface of SCP-4874-1 were numerous large geysers forming a downward-facing crescent. During periods of intense seismic activity, these geysers would release an opaque gaseous substance chemically identified as lactose and an artificial form of amygdala. Requests to further explore G18IM have been denied due to a lasting temporal instability caused by SCP-4874. As of its discovery, SCP-4874-1 has remained within G18IM and is to be monitored for further activity.

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