I fell off a tree and broke my leg

The doc said that I'll be fine but it still hurts because they ran out of anesthesia, please send morphine.

  • kalimba that causes synesthesia when certain chords are played (someone already made a book that gives you synesthesia when you read it so uh I'll think of something else or another effect—
  • unlondon tale
  • manchala board that has some kind of curse I don't know yet
  • -J, a lad that speaks only in dad jokes
  • squiddy squaddy contributions
  • phoenix force contributions
  • ghost lighter for explosive ghost cigs
  • ducklotls, axducks?
  • kid pix
  • -J, anomalous homework
  • sapient clouds that despise their own existence and start crying and that's how it rains kids
  • a pair of glasses that lets you see all mathematical equations happening in the world around you at a set radius but they're all wrong
  • something radiation and x-ray related, no specifics yet

"Okay but hear me out, slime house!" - Dmonstr

Clockman that makes man clock to rebel against society.
Summary: Local angery german clock man makes screaming clocks out of men bc humans are just big clocks

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