Hold The Line

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Meta-Keter

Special Containment Procedures: To be tracked continuously by Mobile Task Forces Alpha-6 ("Thaumiel"), Wau-00 ([DATA MISSING]) and Psi-5 ("Love Isn't Always on Time")

Description: SCP-001 is a wide area spacial anomaly periodically affecting randomised locations within the Earth's upper and lower atmosphere, primarily in polar and equatorial latitudes.

SCP-001 events are defined by two stages, the first of which is the manifestation of a pseudo-liquid thaumaturgical gateway into either a randomised unknown, or generated reality defined by divergent physical laws and/or irregular energy states. So far, no two gateways have lead to identical realities.

If allowed to persist, SCP-001 events will process to the second stage, in which highly aggressive or erratic entities will begin to manifest about the perimeter of these gateways, typically incorporating endemic properties of the connected reality into their physiology. These entities are hereafter referred to as SCP-001-1 entities.

If this process is interrupted, usually by way of Diaghilev-Kant Combined Anomaly Detector (DKCAD) guided local intervention,

Addendum 001/A: Notable SCP-001-1 instances

Specific Designation: SCP-001-1-019

Internal Bias of Alchemical Aethersphere: Life, perception.

Result of Encounter: SCP-001-1-019 population reduced to one with heavy machine gun fire, remaining instance encased in concrete and rebar, and reclassified as a Euclid-class anomaly.

Specific Designation:

Internal Bias of Alchemical Aethersphere:

Result of Encounter:

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