Gravitoss Story

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Story Elements
-People at the facility
-The co-operating species attacking the facility
-The gravity manipulation machine
-Mars or a mars like planet
-Potentially, distress beacons and some degree of light space colonization

Random Points/Ideas
-The gravity manipulation could be an explanation for the portals, bending space time and thereby causing a breach to the creatures dimension.

Story Oddities to Consider

-People are at a facility that could theoretically just be activated remotely. Given the dangerous nature of the machine (most likely the reason it's isolated on another planet) this would seemingly be the better decision which opens up some interesting possibilities:
1.It's ran by a corporation who's basically willing to sacrifice people for cost's sake (though having people there might be more expensive than a drone so consider costs there)
2.The people there are actually acting as a sacrifice to the creatures (in which case the gravity machine is a bit of an unusually elaborate ruse)
3.The real test is that of gravity manipulations effects on people
4.Whoever sent the team there know of the machines ability to open up connections to these creatures and have sent them there as communicators/test subjects
5.Like the initial space race, colonizing mars was somewhat of a super publicity stunt, though this raises the question still of why the people are actually AT the facility
6.It's much quicker to get results with people there rather than long distance communication

-The creatures despite difference in species seem united in some way in attacking the facility. Perhaps this is just due to the vibrations it causes disturbing them but for them to come together to attack still seems odd. To make them simply disturbed lifefroms could be slightly boring if they are the focus.

"The Flesh that Hates (SCP-610) is a disease that results in the creation of various highly hostile entities, of varying natures and physicalities
This would explain the various enemy types, and the fact they work together
SCP-610 is a Sarkic skip, which means that it works in opposition to the Church of the Broken God and the Foundation at every opportunity. Given that both would be interested in developing technology, they would both quite like to create this facility
610 would then be sent after the facility, wherever it was, and attack it
The presence of personnel in the facility would be explained as the priests of the CotBG (likely the sub-sect "The Church of Maxwellism") needing to be nearby the gravity manipulators, so that they could maintain the equipment, or provide the necessary blessings

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