Gerrymanderbassist's Corner

Item #: SCP-6000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6000 is to remain in the care of the highest ranking member of Site-19 with a degree in botany. The health of SCP-6000 is the utmost concern of the Foundation, and the object should be watered daily.

Care of SCP-6000 is similar to that of a regular houseplant, however, several different methods have been found to improve the health of SCP-6000.

  • Copies of comic featuring Marvel's Thor, shredded and mulched in SCP-6000's soil
  • Mead, lightly mixed into SCP-6000's water
  • IKEA scented candles, burnt within SCP-6000's containment room
  • Music recorded by Scandinavian musicians performing in the "viking metal" genre, played in the room containing SCP-6000.

Though failure to maintain the health of SCP-6000 has been speculated to have severe consequences, care for SCP-6000 has few complications and any adverse outcomes are not considered likely.

Description: SCP-6000 is a small tree, around 54 centimeters in height.

Journal entry 04/26/1928

My name is Gunilla Viklund. I have decided to begin writing this journal to give some historical context to the object I have recently come to possess. Earlier this week, I was visited by a friend and fellow researcher into the subject of Norse mythology. He brought with him a rather elderly man holding a small potted plant. The plant is an incredibly small tree with various leaves of different colors. The elderly man spoke very little but insisted that the tree was now my responsibility. When I asked why he at first laughed. He then explained that he had sat in on one of my lectures about Norse mythology and found my passion for the topic quite impressive. He was friends with Zacharias, a colleague here at the university. Zac had nothing but good things to say about me according to this stranger. He said the qualities that he liked the most were my alleged determination and kindness which he said would make me well suited for ownership of the tree.

Normally this wouldn't require its own journal but the tree displays a number of fascinating qualities that I feel compelled to study and write about. In addition to the abnormal coloration of the leaves, the plant has an almost bioluminescent quality to it, glowing faintly in the darkness. It also appears to be roughly similar to a very aged tree, albeit much smaller than it should be. It also appears to bear a fruit, but it's rather small and there's no way I could pick one without crushing it at the same time, they're even smaller than berries.

I also should note I have no experience with botany outside of gardening with my mother as a child. My concentration of knowledge is in ancient religions and mythology, with a strong focus in Norse mythology. That being said, I had a dumb thought about what exactly this is, but there's just no way that could be true. I want to write this off as some sort of clever trick but the man was adamant that I take care of this tree to the best of my ability. I'll be keeping this journal to note further developments. What I can say is that the plant is about 28 centimeters in height, multicolored leaves with a light gray bark, and very snarly roots from what I'm able to see. I'll note any growth or changes in this journal, I will also be doing some research into the origins of this plant and see if I can find anything notable.

[Outline, old school pulp hero in possession of SCP-6000 tries to study its history, figures out from some historical work that it is the Yggdrasil. She attempts to nurse it back to full size but finds that she has no ability to do so despite her best efforts. An intelligence officer from the Third Reich asks for permission to take the tree but she declines. Eventually it becomes less of a request and she starts running from the Nazis to keep the tree safe. Upon reaching the Soviet Union, the Soviet government also goes after the tree and she has to run into the wilderness to escape. She finds a strange man who calls himself a "kindred spirit" and leads her to a weirdly marked stone. She lives for a year or two in a pocket dimension where various pagan groups long since extinct live in relative peace as refugees. While there, the tree begins to grow again.]

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