A Fully Functioning Foundation Facility

Site-19 is a bustling hub of activity, wherein each day is filled with terror and excitement the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the universe.

This is not Site-19.

Unlike the illustrious 19, the formerly administrative Site-34 is mostly inhabited by inert safe class objects that haven't yet been relocated. Instead of the vast importance of the larger east coast facilities, the heart of South California has yet to miss a mildly uninspired meal. Of course, there are just as many great thinkers and eclectic characters in this place as in any other, it's just a bit harder to keep them awake.

Welcome to Site-34, hope you survive the lack of experience.

A Normal Day1

Ambrose Investigations

Associated SCPs

The most important thing to remember if you want to write for this not-canon, you've got to make sure the setting is correct. Site-34 is not well funded, with many of the staff pulling double duty as the head of the Artificial Intelligence labs, and kitchen staff on weekdays.

The general tone is rather upbeat and non-serious, though that's not to say you shouldn't explore other narratives if you want, but that's the general rule. Also remember that the scale of events here is far more low-level than the activities in Those Twisted Pines or in S&C Plastics, and the scale of the facility is greatly reduced in comparison. Don't expect the Anomalous Materials lab to be more than a soundproofed shed with a Bunsen burner, is what i'm saying.

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