Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The topside area of SCP-XXXX, located in ███████, UK, is to be monitored at all times for signs of local suspicion regarding Foundation involvement with the surrounding area. Any civilians suspected of attempting to investigate Foundation actions are to be apprehended and administered a Class C amnestic following interrogation. Power fluctuations in the town are to be logged due to potential connections with SCP-XXXX-01's power supply.

The single entrance to SCP-XXXX located on a farm at the western extreme of ███████ is to be fenced off and guarded by at least four security personnel at all times. Any civilians seen approaching the area are to be warned off under the cover story of unstable mineshafts below the surface of the surrounding area.

The power supply for SCP-XXXX should be checked every 2 hours and at least two backup power supplies should be available at all times.

The SCP-XXXX-01 simulation is to be policed constantly by the assigned CTF to search for potential signs of GoI-112, and SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 are to be under constant observation. Any suicidal tendencies recognised in SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 are to be reported immediately, and psychological countermeasures should be employed to ensure none are able to cause any significant self-harm.

Research into potential methods to deactivate SCP-XXXX-06 are currently in progress.

Description: SCP-XXXX consists of six separate but interlinked components contained within a large man-made cavern hidden 500m under the rural town of ███████, UK.

The six components are as follows:

  • SCP-XXXX-01: An array of 46 interconnected parallel data processing units of custom design, each of which provides a terminal to allow interaction with the SCP-XXXX-01 array. The units feed data to and from a cylindrical relay station that dominates the center of the cavern, measuring 15.3m in height, and 7.1m in diameter. Surrounding the relay station are 8 sub-stations resembling operating tables, each of which is connected to the relay station by numerous cables, tubes and intravenous devices set in place to supply necessary nutrition and nourishment to those residing on the sub-stations. SCP-XXXX-02 to 05 currently occupy 4 of the sub-stations. The remaining 4 are unoccupied.
  • SCP-XXXX-02: A biologically male human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the 1st sub-station of SCP-XXXX-01.
  • SCP-XXXX-03: A biologically male human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the 3rd sub-station of SCP-XXXX-01.
  • SCP-XXXX-04: A biologically female human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the fourth sub-station of SCP-XXXX-01.
  • SCP-XXXX-05: A biologically female human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the eighth sub-station of SCP-XXXX-01.
  • SCP-XXXX-06: A bulbous metallic mass sitting atop the relay station section of SCP-XXXX-01, measuring 8m in diameter and 4m in height. Printed on its side is the term "BIG-B.A.D." (see SCP-XXXX-01 Retrieved Documents - bigbadintro.txt).

SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 are currently unconscious relative to the physical world, and instead have their consciousness manifesting within a simulation of modern Earth being created by SCP-XXXX-01. The simulation has shown to follow the exact same event cycles present in the physical world. As events occur in reality, they subsequently occur within the simulation following an average delay of 23 hours.

The only known difference between reality and the simulation is the almost complete lack of anomalous entities, including the presence of the SCP Foundation and various other GoIs. While anomalous activity has been seen to occur within the simulation, the hazards created by these events are minimal and mostly go unnoticed, except by the occasional simulated conspiracy theorist.

Extensive analysis of non-simulation data located within SCP-XXXX-01's databanks has lead to an understanding that SCP-XXXX-06 poses a substantial threat to humanity and our reality as we know it. Gathered data indicates that should SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 be awoken, SCP-XXXX-06 will begin its activation cycle, leading to a complete CK-Class Reality Restructuring scenario and at worst, a ZK-Class Reality Failure event. However, as long as at least one of SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 is connected and present within the simulation, SCP-XXXX-06 will remain inactive.

So far, no means to deactivate SCP-XXXX safely have been discovered.

SCP-XXXX-01 Terminal Access: On 13/11/2003, the Foundation Security Penetration team managed to successfully obtain root access to SCP-XXXX-01's Operating System and establish administrator privileges for various Foundation researchers with adequate clearance. Terminal access may be permitted to Level 3 and above personnel only. To apply for an account on the system, please contact the project director, Dr. Harsky.

SCP-XXXX-01 Retrieved Documents: Since establishing access to the SCP-XXXX-01's database via the terminals, the following files have been discovered:

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered on 09/11/03 when the town ███████, UK began experiencing unexplained power shortages, later proven to be the result of a failing generator connected to SCP-XXXX-01 causing it to use the local power grid as a form of backup.

When the cavern housing SCP-XXXX was explored, a total of 32 human corpses were discovered, 28 of which were proven to be employees of GoI-809 ("Better Earth Initiative"). 29 of the bodies have been measured to have varying times of death throughout the first quarter of 2001. The remaining 3 died between mid-2001 and early-2003.

Prior to intervention by the Foundation Security Penetration team, all computer systems within the cavern were discovered to have been locked by an external source, effectively cutting off all GoI-809 personnel from their own computers.

Upon initial discovery, 4 persons (SCP-XXXX-02 through 05) were connected to SCP-XXXX-01 via 4 of the 8 sub-stations. 4 other bodies amongst the 32 deceased are believed to have previously been connected to the remaining vacant sub-stations, having become disconnected following events that lead to the demise of the cavern's total population.

The nature of the events that lead to their demise and the potential involvement of GoI-112 ("0 Union") are still subject of investigation (see GoI-809/XXXX Employee Logs).

GoI-809/XXXX Employee Logs: Following the successful gain of administrative privileges, GoI-809 user profile security was overridden, allowing access to various personnel's personal logs. The following logs have been selected for this document due to their relevance in ongoing investigations (for further logs, please contact Dr. Harsky):

After 09/01/01, no further updates are recorded on any personnel logs. It is believed that the intervening group, GoI-112, caused the mass lockout on this date, which cut all GoI-809 personnel off from their systems. However, automated systems continued to record updates.

Foundation Control Reports: Following Foundation acquisition of SCP-XXXX, attempts are being made to maintain the integrity of the simulation while ways to safely deactivate SCP-XXXX-06 are researched.

Until then, SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 are being maintained at the mood values advised in the file "bigbadwarning.txt".

Incursions into the system are frequent and are believed to be caused by GoI-112. Most attempts appear to be to lower the moods of SCP-XXXX-02 through 05, however, some attacks involve leakage of compromising information.

So far, as a result of GoI-112's attacks, SCP-XXXX-02 and SCP-XXXX-04 have developed symptoms of severe depression and anxiety. SCP-XXXX-0█ has previously developed symptoms of severe depression but has since experienced a slight recovery. SCP-XXXX-0█ is the only subject to have shown nothing more than mild symptoms of anxiety. Regardless, all four are being monitored equally.

The following reports document important changes in SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 behaviour, and attacks by GoI-112:

Supplemental Documentation: The following documents were confiscated from the SCP-XXXX-01 database:

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