Chinese Whispers 9

To the desk of Ottokar Žižka, researcher of the school of alchemy in Prague

I have succeeded, our research into artificial life has finally paid dividends. As per our agreement, the formula has been enclosed with this letter, and I shall describe the result further below. If your experiments confirm the result, and no complications arise from the unstable aethers, then we may be able to move to full production.

I have modified a collection of life essences from common sea Luth so that they may regurge fire from within their mouths, and act as house servants to me. They have proven most useful in running my daily errands, even if I must keep them hidden away for now. These beasts are quite amicable, and I must confess to have become quite enamored with them.

I utilise these creatures daily, to light my fires and cook my food— the organic fire lends an unexpectedly smoother flavour —and indeed have dismissed my previous servants save for my squire. I have no need of them now that my beloved Luth are at my beck and call.

I must stress this further, should anything occur to keep me from the side of these new creatures, then even if it should take eight centuries I would return for them, and rescue them from their captors.


Senior Lothair of Burgundy

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