Chinese Whispers 8
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A woodcutting, commiſsioned but uncompleted, made to depict the captured luth as they appear.

AN ENTRY for the expreſs Purpoſe of addition to the Guild Catalogue of Phenomena. Should the Poſsibility ariſe that this document fall into the hands of a non-member, the poſseſsor is required by Guild Charter to deſtroy it completely by fire.

THIS PAGE deſcribes a ſpecies of luth diſcovered during a ſponſor'd inquest upon the dwelling of Senior Lothair the Impius of Burgundy that took place upon the eighth of September in the Year Anno Domini 1219, located within Autiſsiodorum. This ſpecies is unique in the manner that, upon requeſt in the roman tongue, will emit fire from their pronounc'd beaks, upon which one may light a houſe's fire. Additionally, should one place uncooked meats upon the ridges of an individual's shell, they shall be cooked to perfection over the courſe of four hours.

THE INQUEST was requeſt'd by His Majeſty Frederick the Second, King of the Romans previous to his god-given aſcension to rightful emperor. The reaſon for ſuſpicion was a correſpondence intercept'd that convey'd indication of heretical alchemy used. Senior Lothair the Impious has ſince been ſtripped of rank and title, and is awaiting trial in Capital Prague. While the Emperor's Executioners would've prefer'd a swift action, Lothair the Impious eluded death with eaſe. Exile is a likely courſe of action instead.

SENIOR JAMES has taken reſponſibility for the ſecure containment of these luth, in his home of Mohi, and has added it into his catalogue of protect'd objects, and a copy of recovered documents has been made for the expreſs purpoſe of evidence againſt Lothair the Impius. The prolonged containment of theſe entities may prove difficult, as they are highly friendly to their owner, and will not change hands willingly.

THIS TEXT conſtitutes page X thouſand, X hundred and X X of the ledger of the Guild for the Retrieval and Documentation of Abnormal and Otherwiſe Un-Chriſtian Phenomena.

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