Chinese Whispers 7


Penned by archivist Arban Barga of the Golden Horde

page four

Especial consideration has been given to a collection of objects plundered from a local guildhall, the markings of which are common to holdings around the area of Holy Rome. In this instance, a species of unnaturally large turtles that are able to eject fire from their bodies in various places.

We were on the verge of preparing these objects for consumption by the great Batu Khan, when our Brothers in Time descended to claim them from us, leaving only promises that they would be needed. We had kept them in wooden cages prior to this event, as the species is highly docile and affectionate, to the point of making more lenient containment options difficult.

Of final note is the sole member of the species we retained, who is capable of cooking anything we put on it to the users satisfaction, without any other prompt. As such, Batu Khan has kept it alive for free use by his personal chefs.

Continued containment difficulty: Low (docile subjects kept within cage without issue)

Continued location of Containment: In possession of our Brothers in Time

Special Consideration: Requires feeding of common edible plants, care should be taken when interacting, as individuals are constantly warmed to half the heat to boil water.

A copy of this document, as well as of that recovered alongside the creatures will be handed to our Brothers in Time alongside the majority of these entities.

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