Chinese Whispers 5

Item Number: XXXX-019

Classification Type: Non-threatening

ASCI Protocols for Containment: Currently, twenty members of staff trained in the safe interaction with live flames have been assigned to rotate in pairs for six-hours of continuous care. No food or waste disposal is required, however their containment area (a one hundred foot-wide round pit of depth no less than ten feet) must be constantly monitored for signs of significant damage, at which point the current member of staff providing care will move to the opposite side of the containment area and allow repair teams to access the damaged area. Should a member of staff be significantly injured by species XXXX-019, they are to be removed and barred from interaction with the species until full recovery.

The pit is located in the vicinity of Lake Michigan, in a relatively low population area. As such, little must be done to prevent knowledge spreading regarding species XXXX-019 save for turning away anyone who approaches the area without proper authentication.

Description: Species XXXX-019 is a variety of turtle with a uniform height of four feet exactly. The species is psychologically attracted to humans, being capable of breaking through stone in order to locate the nearest person and show affection. This is only not the case when they are given a direct order, being a naturally servile species.

Additionally, members of species XXXX-019 have a resting body heat of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which can rise to unmeasured temperatures when jets of fire intermittently emit from various points on its shell.

Nota Bene: Species XXXX-019 was a gift given to the American Secure Containment Initiative by His Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal in order to assure cooperation in the future between our two organisations. They included a version of their own documentation, which can be found upon request.

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