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Item #: SCP-XXXX Level 4/XXXX
Object Class: Euclid Classified


Only remaining entrance to SCP-XXXX

Special Containment Procedures: [TODO]

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a region of highly compressed space holding a spherical interior currently estimated to exceed 2000km in diameter, previously accessible via 8 entry points located across the Earth. Following Operation Covenant, only one entrance to the interior of SCP-XXXX remains, located in the county of Norfolk, UK, designated SCP-XXXX-ENT.

SCP-XXXX-ENT is an isolated dirt road located in a southern region of Norfolk, beginning on a tract of farmland formerly owned by █████ ████, now in Foundation possession under the designation "Area-13".

Entry into the interior of SCP-XXXX is permitted by traveling along SCP-XXXX-ENT for 2.3km, at which point, any attempt to leave the area via any route other than SCP-XXXX-ENT will result in the abrupt disappearance of the subject. At the 2.3km mark, the road changes designation from SCP-XXXX-ENT, to SCP-XXXX-R. Should any subject traversing SCP-XXXX-R attempt to stray more than 2.3km from the road, they will abruptly disappear. So far, all subjects that have disappeared within SCP-XXXX, have not been recovered.

SCP-XXXX houses a variety of anomalous entities, many of which are hostile towards subjects traversing SCP-XXXX-R. Current estimates of the total population of the residents of SCP-XXXX range from 500 million to 4 billion.

The source of these anomalous entities is SCP-XXXX-Ω, an entity located at the center of SCP-XXXX (see Operation Covenant Logs).

Addendum - Incident XXXX/1: On ████-11-13, a containment breach warning was triggered when an unknown male human was spotted crossing the 2.3km threshold, leaving the interior of SCP-XXXX. The anomaly failed to acknowledge warnings from Foundation personnel, instead continuing to slowly proceed to the start of SCP-XXXX-ENT, at which point he glanced at his surroundings and was reported to proclaim "It has been a fine journey," before collapsing to the ground and dying of extreme exhaustion.

The deceased subject was analyzed and discovered to be over 400 years old at the moment of his death. Historical records corroborate this analysis by connecting his description with that of an English noble referred to as ███████ ████, that infamously disappeared in the year 1601 after hiking through the local countryside.

The subject was found to be in possession of a journal, now designated SCP-XXXX-GUI. The journal had all but two pages removed from it, the removed pages apparently having been dispersed throughout the interior of SCP-XXXX. Transcribed copies of the two remaining pages can be accessed below.

Prior to this incident, the (former) 8 entrances into the interior of SCP-XXXX were believed to be unrelated, and were instead classed as standard "endless road" phenomena in the Log of Unexplained Locations. Following analysis of the deceased subject's journal, it was concluded that SCP-XXXX-R may lead to a previously undiscovered settlement.

On ████-11-22, Operation First Contact was approved.

Addendum - Operation First Contact (XXXX-OFC): Following Incident XXXX/1, a re-evaluation exploration mission was permitted following new information that SCP-XXXX may house other previously undiscovered entities.

MTF Omicron-5 "Lost Vagabonds" was approved for an initial exploration mission due to their expertise regarding long exposure to spatiotemporal anomalies. They were tasked with locating the village mentioned in SCP-XXXX-GUI-001, as well as given a secondary task to evaluate any anomalous hazards the village might contain.

Addendum - Exploration Log 001: Following Operation First Contact and confirmation of additional entities residing within the interior of SCP-XXXX, further exploration attempts were approved, with the intent to discern the overall nature of SCP-XXXX's inhabitants, and the extent of SCP-XXXX-R. MTF Omicron-5 was chosen again, to lead a mission in traveling as far as possible along SCP-XXXX-R, in an attempt to find its extremities.

Addendum - SCP-XXXX-ENT-A Research: Following extraction of SCP-XXXX-ENT-A-1 and -2, research into the composition of entities residing within the interior of SCP-XXXX was started. Notable effects measured in the shards consisted of time dilation compensation mechanisms, and previously undiscovered forms of cognitohazard triggers.

Upon completion of extensive experimentation regarding these factors, Foundation technology adapted to reuse these functions was successful, leading to the creation of devices capable of resisting certain forms of time dilation, as well as countering cognitohazards related to this unique strain.

As of this document's writing, field testing of these new technologies has been approved for use in future SCP-XXXX exploration in the forms of:

  • Heavily simplified SCRAMBLE gear capable of blocking out cognitohazards encountered in SCP-XXXX.
  • A custom off-road vehicle with a fuel supply designed to take advantage of the new time dilation compensation technology, hopefully allowing for deep-exploration of SCP-XXXX.

REST OF CONTENT HERE (putting in ending now before I lose inspiration)

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SYSTEM LOG - 2014-03-30

[08:14:11] ALERT: Security Breach signalled, Area-13, Section-A2!

[08:25:39] WARNING: Intruder considered to be armed!

[08:39:02] ALERT: Security Breach signalled, Area-13, Vehicle Warehouse 09!

[08:45:33] WARNING: Intruder in possession of vehicular transport!


[08:50:48] SYSTEM ERROR: Defense Network Intialisation Failed (see errorlog.txt)



[08:52:50] ALERT: Intruder has compromised 2.3km threshold!


Addendum - Operation Covenant: After [RISING BAD EVENTS HERE], the Foundation contacts the medieval village and asks wtf is going on. They say the only one who can help is the guy at the center of SCP-XXXX, because he's causing it. [SPOILER CHARACTER HERE] leads a team to the center of SCP-XXXX to find the one behind it all, so they can make a deal with them (since they're a God, the word "Covenant" works here).

Bit about Vera logging off here

Bit about containment breach as someone enters SCP-XXXX without permission here (shown to be Vera)

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