Agnostos Theos Notes

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Agnostos Theos = Greek for "Unknown God"

Indirect "prequel" to 1730

Implications that events take place in 1730's home universe

Similar style to 1730: Lengthy exploration logs in a location filled with multiple, differing anomalies. Later turn out to be the result of "gifts" from the illusive "Agnostos Theos"

Location (also checkout map at bottom):

  • SCP itself is the location, an area if compressed space, only enterable by a single road.
  • Stray too far from road = Disappear.
  • Road splits occasionally, forming net/web shape
  • Compressed space holds huge interior (2000km diameter?) so uses vehicles to travel. Road Trip!
  • Settlements/Ruins/Things located along the road every so often.
  • Lots of symbols related to umbrellas throughout all locations.
  • All speak of an impossible pilgrimage to the end of the road, referring to center of web of roads (center of compressed space region basically)
  • Agnostos Theos resides there
  • Rain moves upwards at center… so time dilation at center?
  • The area is a sphere, not a circle. Damn it, don't forget this, the "we can go UPWARDS" twist will be immense.

Monster/Location Ideas:

  • The medieval town, Harry Potter-esque, whimsical and magic powers and such. Magic powered by excess emotion so everyone is overly enthusiastic (to create emotion). Realise not enough people in village to supply emotion required for level of powers displayed. Holyshit they have a literal river of humans being pushed through torture devices hidden underground to create immense emotion to power the town above!
  • The things with reflective spheres for heads. Lanky tall things, if your face is reflected in one of them, it steals your fucking face. Face on body is gone, person dies, their consciousness is transferred to the surface of the sphere where there reflection remains (despite a lack of source for the reflection). Can just see a face screaming in pain constantly. Can steal multiple reflections: One HUGE fucker that has like, 30 screaming faces on it. Visually inspired by the Orbides from Starbound, so base look on them.
  • Small tribal village. Friendly. Keep talking about being excited to look at the stars. Asking MTF if they will join them in "looking to the stars" that night. MTF fall asleep because fucking magic. Wake up in middle of night, complete silence. Go outside. Find everyone lying on the floor, big smiles on their faces, staring up. Their eyes are now like bright lights. Realise they look like stars. Look up to sky, use binoculars: Holyshit the stars have been replaced by fucking eyes looking all over the place. Lots of broken recordings -> Lots of death, no explanation as to how.
  • The man in the pinstripe suit. Imply to be external and not part of the region's anomalies. Something else. You had the dream, Ben, I don't need to explain it to you here for fuck's sake.
  • Others I haven't planned out yet: Friendly place to set up base, huge city, distorted place, fucking SKY ISLAND.

Agnostos Theos:

  • The unknown God. Chose to isolate from other Gods, didn't care for their interactions with humanity.
  • Manifests as man in business attire, holding up umbrella, standing in a large field. Dark clouds, distant storm, rain moves upwards.
  • Humans in its region are given its "gift", creating the anomalies. Implied to be negative "gift" since it dislikes humans?
  • Its gift makes no sense to us because we were never given it. Gods gave us various "gifts" such as fire, reproduction, war, etc… but this one isolated from us. Doesn't appear in ancient writings due to this, and never gave us its gift so we can't comprehend it. Hence we can't comprehend the anomalies, his attire, rain moving upwards, etc.
  • Points out it can't hear the voices of its brothers and sisters (other Gods) anymore. Possibly their father as opposed to sibling? Anyway, point is, it's implied that he can't hear them anymore because the Site-13 universe has contained them (it contained Gods as high as "YHWH" for example). Supply some hint that it would be dangerous if it found out the truth about Site-13 (which hasn't teleported yet because this is a prequel) because it would be pissed off and want to save them.
  • First time is reached, only get visual, maybe one line of speech.
  • Second time, imply remaining MTF (probably Mawkin from current writing) was given the gift? Disappeared or came back and began sympathising with Agnostos Theos? Terminated due to this?

Major Plot Points:

  • Start by implying file being accessed by Vera Hadley from 1730 (might need to re-read 1730 to ensure continuity)
  • Initially believed to be an endless road. Old man appears one day, reveals isn't endless, just first loc is 100km away. Man has been travelling it for hundreds of years somehow.
  • Old man has journal, missing pages. Find pages in each location, records by him of things in the place. People along roads refer to him as some sort of chosen one (pick a cool name for it later) because he reached the center where Theos is. Lots of talk about "outsiders" and shit.
  • All road eventually lead to places too dangerous to cross anymore.
  • "wait isn't this thing spherical? Can we go… up?" -> Fly to sky islands and shit
  • One MTF survives to the end of explorations. Probably Mawkin. Gets "gift". Begins sympathising with Theos, is terminated because Theos can't know about Site-13.
  • Ends with Hadley signing out.
  • Days pass, emergency alert given out: Hadley has broken into SCP's containment area. Has begun travelling road. Implying the horror she brought back to Site-13 was the angry Agnostos Theos trying to save its siblings/children/whatever I decide.
  • Possible Tale series spawn from her travel down the road to Agnostos?
  • Might have to find a way to cover the SCP/GOC combo thing from Site-13. File written before then and accessing archived copy maybe?


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Current Map Layout

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