Oil is Thicker Than Blood

Item #: ###

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: to-do

Description: SCP-XXX refers to four passenger elevator cabs, designated SCP-XXX-1 through -4, each measuring 2m x 2.5m x 2.2m. SCP-XXX were originally located in the elevator shafts at the Amsterdam office of Iapetus Energy plc, an Oil and Gas multinational company. SCP-XXX displayed no anomalous features between their installation, 04/11/1994, and 01/05/2012.

SCP-XXX appear non-anomalous from the exterior, and will function as normal if installed within an elevator system. Anomalous features become apparent when the interior cab door opens. Elevator doors will only open when the associated elevator call button is used, and will close after 60 seconds. All attempts to open the doors by force, or breach the exterior of the cab, have been unsuccessful. Each instance has text engraved on the cab doors. This was not present prior to anomalous properties presenting themselves.

All SCP-XXX instances are entirely filled with water. With the exception of SCP-XXX-1, the interior walls, ceiling, and floor are not visible, and the interior dimensions anomalously extend beyond the confines of the cab. With the exception of SCP-XXX-3, the boundary between the cab interiors and exteriors are impermeable - all attempts to enter the cab, or extract samples from within, are hindered by an unknown force.

Engraved text: "Behold me fettered, fearful of night because of the roaring sea."

Contents: Contains a Lion's mane jellyfish with an estimated bell diameter of 1.7m; tentacle length cannot be estimated due to being longer than the cab's height. Tentacles are wrapped around what is believed to be the corpse of Mary Andersen, Iapetus Energy's Head of Exploration. Entity floats in the centre of the cab for the duration doors are open for. Both the cab interior and corpse appear heavily water damaged.

Engraved Text: "You would, with a satisfied conscience, destroy your own creature."

Contents: Contains a solid block of ice. Approximately 1m from the cab doors Victor Branagh, Director of Sustainability in EMEA, is frozen within the ice. Despite The temperature of the ice being theorised to be below 0°C, minor eye movements have been observed.

Engraved text: "Everyone grew weary of the meaningless affair."

Contents: Contains a shoal of piranhas. SCP-XXX-3's boundary is permeable one-way, from the interior to exterior. When opened, SCP-XXX-3's contents will flow from the interior outwards, until the cab door shuts after 60 seconds. The door closure occurs despite the water pressure.

Analysis of water ejected has matched mineral content to freshwater rivers in South America. To date, the highest amount of piranhas to be ejected from SCP-XXX-3 is 52,751. Along with the piranhas and water, SCP-XXX-3 has ejected eviscerated human flesh in 64% of testing. Flesh has been identified as belong to Percy Cole, Head of Iapetus's Press Office. Over 250kg of flesh has been expelled during testing.

Engraved Text:Do not labor uselessly at what helps not at all.

Contents: Contains Dirck van den Berg, Iapetus Energy's Head of Operations in EMEA, and a tiger shark. Upon the cab doors opening, van den Berg is conscious, aware of his situation, and in a state of distress. In all testing, the tiger shark has grabbed van den Berg by the mid-rift and proceeded to maul him. In 73% of testing, van den Berg has still been conscious when the doors have closed. When the call button is used again, the interior has reset, and van den Berg is uninjured, and will proceed to be mauled by the tiger shark again.

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