Item #:

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: -SCP-XXX has been fitted with surveillance equipment and is permitted to function as normal. SCP-XXX-1 instances are to be monitored for a year for any subsequent anomalous activity. Occurrences of SCP-XXX-α events are to be logged, with any significant increase in frequency to be reported. The door to the children's play room within SCP-XXX has been locked and plastered over to prevent alterations to the north-west wall being made. Any media coverage of SCP-XXX-1s is to be suppressed.

Description: SCP-XXX is "Saint Ambrose's Hospice" located in ████, England. SCP-XXX was founded in 1978 by the religious congregation "Sisters of His Holy Grace". Foundation research has, so far, found no evidence of a connection between the congregation and SCP-XXX's anomalous properties, or any other anomalous activity.

SCP-XXX provides palliative and end of life care to those with life-limiting or terminal illnesses. The Hospice is set within a single story building, and contains a reception area, a visitor canteen and kitchen, children's playroom, a medical ward with 24 patient rooms, staff facilities, and a garden to the rear of the building.

SCP-XXX's anomalous properties will present themselves during an SCP-XXX-α event. The north-west wall of the children's playroom will illuminate and glow brightly for 30 seconds, before returning to a non-anomalous state. Within 24 hours, one resident patient (hereafter referred to as SCP-XXX-1) will have a marked improvement in their vital signs and, if conscious, they will vocalise feelings of improved health. Within 72 hours, symptoms of SCP-XXX-1's illness will begin to rescind, and within 5 days their illness will have completely receded. It is unknown what causes a SCP-XXX-α event to occur, but no event has taken place outside the hours of 22:00 to 05:00, or when an individual has been present within, or had sight into, the children's playroom.

Examples of effects undergone by SCP-XXX-1 instances include the regression of tumours, a return of CD4 count results to baseline levels, the breakdown of blood clots, and the elimination of neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques. SCP-XXX-1s exhibit a life expectancy typical of their demographic, of and exhibit no anomalous properties after the initial regression of their medical conditions.

Addendum XXX-01: The northwest wall of SCP-XXX's children's playroom is coated in a melamine wrap enabling the wall to be used as a whiteboard. Written on the wall are messages from family members of former patients. Examples of these include:

Dear Auntie Sue
Thank you for reading my book with me today. I dont [sic] like that you are sick, please come home soon

To my Big Friendly Granny (BFG!)
I love you and hope that you will feel better soon

You've made the last forty years of my life spectacular, and I can't fathom how I'll spend just the next year without you. I hope you've found peace.

Dear Daddy, I am sorry you are poorly. Please get better so you can come to my birthday party

[Is the above overwrought???]

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