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The cover art of SCP-XXX-1.

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Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: TO DO SCP-XXX containment procedures are currently exclusively reactive. PUBLISHING HOUSES, WORDPRESS, ONLINE

SCP-XXXX is a recurring anomalous phenomena relating to the writing of a novel entitled "The 120 Days of Gomorrah"1. There are currently 8 identified instances of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXX are sequels, either direct or thematic, to the novel "The 120 Days of Sodom".2. The novels are produced independently from one another, and no connection between the authors has been found. As the author of SCP-XXX progresses through writing the novel they become a conduit for the weakening of surrounding reality, and exhibit steadily increasing signs of mental duress.3. This effect has become more pronounced with successive SCP-XXX instances.

When interviewed, authors deny any knowledge of SCP-XXX's anomalous properties, and in some cases deny any knowledge of the instance under their authorship. From SCP-XXX-3 onward, the authors have appeared as a self-insert within their authored instance. SCP-XXX-4 was the last instance in which the Foundation has been able to acquire an author with the mental capacity to be interviewed.45

Addendum SCP-XXX-1: Instance Details

Author (SCP-XXX-01): Edward Henry Forest
Date Discovered:

Description: An epistolary novel and a direct sequel. The novel takes the form of letters sent from Father Bertrand, a priest living near Metz, to an unnamed friend. Bertrand regularly takes confession from a cook who survived the events of "The 120 Days of Sodom".
The cook relays in detail the tortures he witnessed to Bertrand, who in turn relays this to his friend. The nature of the acts described causes Bertrand to frequently contemplate the nature of humanity, and whether it was made in God's own image.
At the conclusion, the cook commits suicide by jumping from the church steeple, and Bertrand leaves the Church, believing that if God does exist, he is a "cruel and lecherous creature".

Notes: Whilst the first verified instance of SCP-XXX chronologically, SCP-XXX-01 was retrospectively discovered after the Foundation became aware of the anomaly through SCP-XXX-05. Associated anomalous activity was limited to a mild hume level variance within 01-1's residence.6

Author (designated SCP-XXX-05-1): Jessica Turner
Date Discovered:
Description: A science-fiction novel set in the year 7,356 A.D. The four primary characters are wealthy individuals who have extended their lifespan to the point of immortality through technology only affordable to the richest in society. Having each been alive for over a century, they find themselves unable to feel emotion, and purchase a cohort of slaves to sexually abuse and torture in the hope of regaining their humanity. The four main characters all occupy positions within the "Government of Allied Galaxies"; the first quarter of the novel contains various allusions to multiple, ongoing political crises and an "encroaching darkness" . The characters are purposefully ignorant and refuse to acknowledge or remedy any of these situations.

At the climax of the novel, the main characters have progressed through increasingly violent and depraved acts, but have yet to feel emotion. Planetary Governor Keyes, the primary organiser of the event and whose ship is being used to stage the debauchery, accidentally rips out the cybernetic implants in his left arm during a particularly violent interaction with one of the slaves. Upon doing so he feels pain, and hurriedly encourages his co-conspirators to "disregard your false adornments". They tear their cybernetic components, including eyes, limbs, primary organs and genitalia, out and find they are able to gain full pleasure from the torture, and praise themselves for "returning to Flesh" as they do so. Their mission accomplished, Keyes sets the ship's course to collide with the nearest star. The final scene of the novel is the mangled conspirators torturing the remaining slaves, as the stars in the distance go dark one by one.

Notes: First discovered instance of SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX-05-1 was reported missing by her employer after being absent from three consecutive days of work and uncontactable. Foundation personnel became involved after two local law enforcement officers were dispatched to SCP-XXX-05-1's residence. Only one officer returned, 5 hours later, suffering from exhaustion and describing the house as a "labyrinth".8

Foundation agents dispatched to the residence, henceforth SCP-XXX-05-2, discovered the interior structure had expanded beyond its exterior dimensions, taken on non-euclidean features, and was constantly morphing around agents. The centre of the SCP-XXX-05-2's new architectural structure remained consistent, and contained a spherical mass of a flesh-like substance, with a diameter of 1.23m and weighing 151kg, levitating 0.8m above the floor. The sphere excreted a liquid composed primarily of water, blood, █████, and honey at a rate of 0.5l per hour. Analysis of the sphere's composition found traces of DNA from both SCP-XXX-05-1 and the missing law enforcement official.

Author (SCP-XXX-06-1): Avery Harper
Date Discovered:
Description: A retelling of the original novel, with the story transposed to a college campus in 1990s America. The four main characters are all students at an unnamed university and members of __Alpha __fraternity. Three of their fathers have the occupation of one of Sade's characters9. Details of the fourth boy's parents are never given, but it is implied throughout the novel he arranged their murder to inherit their fortune.

Feeling constrained by the norms of society, the students decide to "unmask" themselves and explore their desires, kidnapping members of sororities and other fraternities on campus before it is abandoned for the Winter Holiday break. Midway through the novel another Alpha Alpha Alpha member, Avery Harper, returns to the chapter house early. Upon witnesses the activities underway he willingly volunteers as a victim.

The narrative is interspersed with dream sequences in which they await the arrival of their fathers to judge their "work". The final sequence, described in the penultimate chapter, has the four main characters experience a shared fantasy in which they share the same father10 who arrives and judges their work to be worthy of his attention and visitation.

Notes: SCP-XXX-06 was published online via ██████'s self-publishing service, with the title triggering an alert via the Foundation's online watch-list. Upon arriving at SCP-XXX-06-1's residence, Foundation agents discovered the author deceased, with their body disfigured to an anomalous extent. 06-1's limbs had been elongated to lengths of over 110m and fused to the residence's walls and ceilings. Periodically the limbs were arranged into one of five thaumaturgical summoning symbols, with 82 symbols in total.11.

Author (SCP-XXXX-07-1): Wayne Atkin-Clerk
Date Discovered:
Description: An author afflicted by writer's block attempts to write a sequel to "The 120 Days of Sodom". Chapters alternate between the author's daily routine and his attempts to write the fictional novel.13 From the 22nd page onwards, the name of the protagonist is substituted for the author's, and his familial relationships also change to reflect the author's circumstances. Novel unfinished.

Notes: SCP-XXXX-07-1's spouse, Madeleine Clerk, arrived at ??? Hospital, WA with severe stab wounds she had received from SCP-XXX-07-1. Each laceration contained numerous, functioning eyeballs, with the optic nerve sprouting from the wound.14 The nature of her injuries alerted the Foundation, and agents were dispatched to apprehend 07-1 at the family residence. By the time of the agents' arrival, 07-01 had committed suicide via a cut throat. The wound was continuously hemorrhaging, and was estimated to have bled approximately 24L of blood before agents cauterised it. 07-01's corpse was also disfigured, with 6 bone protrusions, 0.4m each, erupting through the scalp in a circular arrangement. SCP-XXX-07 was discovered, unfinished, on 07-1's personal laptop.

Author (SCP-XXXX-07-1): David Carter
Date Discovered:

Description: A direct sequel. Set an undisclosed number of years after the original novel, the King of France contacts the Duc de Blangis15 upon hearing rumours of the events of "The 120 Days of Sodom".

The King is organising a masquerade banquet in honour of a visiting Ambassador, and recruits the Duc to arrange the evening's entertainment. The novel primarily follows the Duc's daughter, Alinda, as she attempts to dissuade her father from . She is ultimately unsuccessful; after an evening of abuse and torture of the King's courtiers, the novel culminates in Alinda being cannibalised by her father and the banquet attendees.

From the beginning of the novel, the Duc is assisted by his servant, David. At the beginning of the third act, a comic interlude occurs between the two characters. During this, David ponders aloud why he assists the Duc with his crimes. The Duc responds that whilst David serve the Duc, the Duc serves the King, the King serves the Ambassador, and the Ambassador serves "The Truest King of All", who shall "reward us all with infinite glory when he breaches this land".

Notes: A draft of SCP-XXX-01 was sent via mail to 20 publishers across the United States of America and detected by Foundation personnel. Agents were dispatched to SCP-XXX-08-1's residence where they discovered four individuals, SCP-XXX-08-2 through 5, who were later identified as missing persons from the local area. 08-2 through 5 were suspended in mid-air at key focal points of thaumaturgical summoning symbol TS-549, __which had been constructed on the floor of the residence's basement. Hume levels were at their lowest at the centre of TS-549, and decreasing at a rate of # upon discovery. [ADD DETAILS ABOUT 2-5). Levels were stabilised by removing all instances from their positions above TS-549. All instances perished in the process. SCP-XXX-08-1 is currently missing, with its location and capture deemed a top priority?17

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