The Antihero's Manifesto
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I am the first Elder, Dyhe.

I have done terrible things, not with hands or claws, I have imposed my will.
My very self into others, regrettable means for necessary ends.

We watch, We see!

We listen, We hear!

Our networks run far and deep.

Doubt dwells in all hearts and minds. It finds harbor deeper than anything else.
I, it, is necessary.

It leads to investigations and self-improvement, as I lead my followers to greater knowledge and truth.
The truth as it was meant to be known. I reach out and use that vessel harbored deep within to steer them in the correct direction.

As we investigate the world itself, I need you, processing our intelligence as it is gathered, advising us in our plans.

Information is a powerful tool. To offer curated facts or prey upon false notions is necessary to achieve our goals.

I will show you the truth that you were meant to know, the knowledge you require to satiate your curiosity and the safety from your fatal ignorance. We will share and cultivate this truth, as is our responsibility.

I value both your philosophy and your fear.
Your musings and deliberations offer as much insight to me as yourself.
Your fears reveal the truth, the path, the way. Insight incarnate!

Although I abhor failure, I am forgiving.
I will put much thought on your transgressions.
However, you would be wise to heed this warning, I will only forgive so much.

I remember a time where indecision filled my mind and the world was foreign and strange.
Humanity ran and hid from the dark, built fires, were safe in knowing what was the truth.
But not all light offers comfort. Not all warmth is welcoming. Not all fires go out.
Humanity began seeking access to the forbidden and hallowed light.
I too was curious, I ignored my fear.
We did not question our impulse to control or to obtain that was out of our reach.
Failure, folly, and foolish was this quest.

Now I, we, watch and guide from the shadows. We are the painful response that must be felt to stop one from reaching into the fire.
We are the Attendants of Requital.

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