Dead No More


Guess they're defunct now.

All other death skips are useless too.

It's one of the best kept secrets within the Foundation that death isn't the end. From SCP-(the one that's a format screw) to Omega Zero, there's a thousand ways one's life doesn't end with their body.

Of course, that's a moot point now, as Director of Task Forces Lucas Baldwin discovered to his dismay when he found out he was in charge of Mobile Task Force Wau-00.

"Death, thou shalt die," He grumbled, striking through the list of names on the list in front of him. "Who's idea was a task force made of dead people, anyway?"

The man cloaked in shadow released a soft chuckle, and promptly stepped forwards so that his bright blue eyes were visible through the shade in the normally well lit office.

"I assure you," the man smirked sadly. "If we had seen this coming, then we would have made other arrangements. This is what was needed at the time."

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