Welcome to my humble abode.

Note: I dun' write so good, so I won't be doing much on here anymore. This is basically just an archive of my fuck ups now. ENJOY.

Folder Current Content Notes
FolderOne Test SCP Testing the site works and shizzle.
FolderTwo Agnostos Theos Halfway done Decided I can't write well enough to bother dedicating hours to it then find out everyone hates it
FolderThree Time to Wake Up Needs a rewrite Nevermind, throwing this one out, people don't like the concept
FolderFour Halloween Dis shit cracks me up Too lolfoundation for the site probably
FolderFive Empty
FolderSix Empty
FolderSeven Press the button Well, I thought it was funny at least.
FolderEight CSS Testing Ground
FolderNine Component Testing Ground
FolderTen Agnostos Theos Notes
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