Contained Object 01-212
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[Coalition for the Protection of Brittania from Nonpublic and Esoteric Entites]

Object of Interest 01-212

Containment Location: London, office 04

Object Classification: 117121

Location of Containment: Ministry of Defence office, Stoke Gifford, Bristol

Containing Organisation: Her Majesty's Serving Agency for the Protection of the Peoples (HMSAPP)

Object Description: Object is a white granite stone spheroid of unknown origin. Object is unmarked save for a silver metal band surrounding its equator, and a slot aperture similar in design to that of a modern keyhole. Object constantly emits low amounts of heating, necessitating it be kept within a refrigerated containment unit. Object is remarkably resistant to harm, however the Office for Research on Esoteric Sciences (ORES) has vetoed further experiments in this field due to the likelihood for harming the object. Object is transparent to all forms of non-visual inspection, including accurate measurements of mass (Object has consistent held weight, however digital scales gain read errors, and physical scales require varying masses to reach near-equilibrium.)

Object 01-212 is being researched for the purpose of discovering and reproducing its heating pattern for use in CPBNEE equipment.

Recovery Report: Object 01-212 was located during a standardised sweep of governmental organisations for objects of interest. Accompanying documentation is available on request. Object was initially recovered from the home of a Scottish immigrant who had recently been incarcerated by local metropolitan police. The object was turned over to Ministry of Defence soon after, where it was further recovered by HMSAPP. Due to the time between initial discovery and actual recovery, no general amnestics were able to be applied to any involved individuals. Due to this, additional disinformation efforts have been made to prevent knowledge of object 01-212 spreading further than necessary.

Incident Log: No incidents have been reported regarding this object, or surrounding persons of interest. Containment was breached by unknown person(s), bearing a "key" that matched descriptions found in the accompanying documentation. Lock on object 01-212 was successfully opened, resulting in the partial destruction and relocation of London Office 04 approximately fourteen miles west, resulting in fifteen injured personnel.

Object 01-212 has yet to be recovered following the incident.

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