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Threat Level: Red



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained within a cryogenic refrigerator unit. The unit itself is kept at an average of -250°C through the use of magnetic refrigeration to induce an extremely low-temperature environment.

The walls of the chamber outside the unit are lined with a hafnium carbide exterior and with blast-shield windows coated in starlite.

In the event that SCP-XXXX breaches containment, personnel on-duty are to wear thermal proximity suits and arm themselves with portable cryocoolers and laser decelerators. Standard anomaly termination protocols apply as the entity is has been deemed Condemned1.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a tall humanoid entity (2.7m in height) composed of superheated plasma and fire. SCP-XXXX exhibits a vague humanlike visage that fluctuates between a skeletal appearance from the upper torso to the head.

SCP-XXXX's is extremely hot; the average temperature emanating from the main body can range between 9200 to 10000K. Exposure to extremely low temperatures can cause SCP-XXXX to lose some of its mass and even enervation; weakening it significantly. However, this does not mean that SCP-XXXX experiences thermal equilibrium as the entity is seemingly able to generate plasma, flames, and increase its own temperature if given enough time to recuperate.

Areas and objects burned by SCP-XXXX's flames will quickly begin to sprout vegetation. Foliage produced by these burns will always grow on the surface regardless of the material it was made of. On the likelihood that individuals burnt by SCP-XXXX survive, they will usually succumb to a combined force of exsanguination and strangulation from the resulting plant life that will grow from the burnt flesh; invariably leading to death.

SCP-XXXX is sentient and is hostile to all human life. The entity will actively attack individuals by projecting fire at the targets.

SCP-XXXX was originally created as part of a series of experiments under Project Naraka



Project Codename: Naraka

Project#: PRJNAR-000616

Project Lead: General Bruce Lannigan

Head Researcher: Doctor Achilles Worthington

Project Aims: To successfully weaponize any anomalous item or entity to the benefit of the Foundation and develop appropriate countermeasures.

Project Description: Project Naraka is a program intended to utilize the available anomalies contained in the Foundation to function as a necessary defensive assault to any threat that would endanger the human race or the Foundation itself.

Cleared under the Bowe Commission, Naraka was a series of experimental projects with a set of goals. While the ethical nature of Naraka has been called into question, these issues have been set aside primarily as it aided in research as well as functioned as a necessary protection against would-be threats.

This project, alongside Project Olympia led by General Mulhausen, and Project Heimdall led by General Pendergast, all functioned as part of General Bowe's "Trinity Program" under his commission for the Foundation.


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