Coalition Manifesto: Esoterica
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[Coalition for the Protection of Brittania from Nonpublic and Esoteric Entites]

Coalition Member Group 07: Office for Research on Esoteric Sciences (ORES or Esoterica)

Head Office Location: Gloucestershire

Coalition Involvement: Original Member

Group Overview: The Office for Research on Esoteric Sciences is the primary research group in the Coalition, which is itself divided into eight studying fields. These are:

  • Robotics
  • Organic Alchemy
  • Anomalous Materials
  • Cognition and Information Hazards
  • Quantum Science
  • Multiversals
  • Reality Manipulations
  • Other

Currently, ORES is responsible for containment of objects of interest which do not appear to obey conventional physics.

Group Structure: Each field has a head researcher, who convene once a month at the head office alongside their Coalition Liaison, in order to report findings and accept tasks as required of each other. Should the NEXUS council require the study of a specific object, it will be brought before these field heads at one of these conventions.

Facilities owned and operated by ORES are monitored by a subdivision of Agencia, and may call upon their aid whenever necessary. No interference with the inner operations of ORES has been deemed necessary.

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