Chinese Whispers

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entire SCP-XXXX population is housed within a 100 meter diameter enclosure in the vicinity of Site-74. The floor and perimeter walls of this enclosure have been coated with heat-resistant ceramic tiling, which must be examined and replaced as necessary on a weekly basis. Feeding is not required, and access to the enclosure is prohibited outside of weekly repairs, which must be undertaken by specialised robots.

The identification of the person or persons responsible for the creation of SCP-XXXX, temporarily assigned the designation PoI-XXXX-Alpha, is a level three priority.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a collection of sixteen animals superficially resembling leatherback turtles, with a uniform length (head to tail) of 4.88 meters. Each subject continuously expels fire from every point on its body, with a maximum observed distance being approximately 0.5 meters. SCP-XXXX instances are extremely hostile towards living humans. Flames emitted from SCP-XXXX instances have no abnormal effects, however they do not physically damage the main body of the instance. Numerous observations have determined that the majority of SCP-XXXX instances are in a constant state of distress analogous to pain as a result of this effect.

SCP-XXXX-12 through to SCP-XXXX-16 show signs of recent cranial modification, and do not display any distress.

When separated from the main group and given instructions in English, instances of SCP-XXXX will obey commands to the full extent of their abilities, displaying particular excitement if those instructions are of a military or combat oriented nature. The current leading theory as to the nature of SCP-XXXX is that they were designed for the purpose of warfare, hence their highly servile nature.

Addendum XXXX/A: Recovery of SCP-XXXX

All sixteen individuals of SCP-XXXX were recovered as a part of an organised raid on a Marshall, Carter and Dark warehouse in southern Germany on ██/██/2018. The raid interrupted surgical operations on SCP-XXXX-11. This has not led to any observed complications, and it is assumed that no critical work had yet been undertaken at that time.

Documentation captured alongside the SCP-XXXX population suggests that this is the entire known stock, and is being used in the identification of PoI-XXXX-Alpha

Addendum XXXX/B: Loss of SCP-XXXX

On 08/09/2019, a mass containment breach was reported from Site-74. During the breach, all anomalies were recontained without issue with the exception of SCP-XXXX. No visual recordings have been recovered that document the breach's inception, nor SCP-XXXX's containment chamber during the time, however multiple unknown vocalisations were recorded and have been attributed to an unknown PoI-XXXX-Omega.

The identification of PoI-XXXX-Omega, as well as the recontainment of SCP-XXXX, have been moved to a level one priority. Two Foundation operated web-crawlers, designated "AquaSpirit" and "South," have been cleared for use in locating SCP-XXXX.

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