Chefs And Chaff

The Ambrose Restaurant is, at its core, a restaurant of the anomalous. From the dishes they serve to the tools they use, the weird and wonderful runs thick through their way of work.

The Ambrose Restaurant is notable, not because of its size or threat, but because it appears to be the best case scenario for what would happen if a regular business existed in a world where the anomalous was commonplace.


A restaurant is nothing without its food, and that must come from somewhere. Below are listed all the articles that document how Ambrose came across one of its dishes.


Mobile Task Force Lambda-14 ("One Star Reviewers") discovered the Ambrose Restaurant through their usual job of inspecting suspicious retail venues. Below are listed the articles regarding the event, and the immediate repercussions of it.


In short order, the One Star Reviewers were assigned to working against Ambrose directly, in any form that might take. Below are the articles that depict their actions in this role.


One too many failed take-downs has lead to Lambda-14 being removed from working exclusively with Ambrose, and returning to their roots as simple investigators of anomalous retailers.

The Ambrose Restaurant is not antagonistic. Sure, some people may be overzealous to protect their place of work, and sure the co-owner Marius might be a bit quick with his trigger finger, but fundamentally they are a restaurant that serves the people. When writing for Ambrose, never forget that the food is key. Write about the people, the customers and staff, and Lambda-14 if you wish, but never forget to look down at the plate in front of you, and focus on what is being served.

Also remember that the restaurant is never evil. They may be harsh, they may even be unfair, but everything is for the satisfaction of their customers.

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