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Friendly reminder that most of this is heavily fragmented ideas, brainstorming, etc. Don't expect masterpieces.


Other note on placeholder notation: X is for numbers of no significance, Y and Z are for numbers of significance, for example XXXX is a generic placeholder number, but XYYY is a placeholder that will include a 3-number string in its' final designation that relates to the story within.

  • Animal that can only be referred to with pronouns
    • "It" has no description due to the effect, and so you learn about it through addenda
    • Behavior is suggestive of some really scary thing, until the final addenda where a D-Class is instructed to give "It" a pat or some such heartwarming thing
    • Melancholy, good boye just wants pats but keeps scaring everyone away because they think he's some eldritch monstrosity that The Foundation can't talk about
  • Current Idea: 4D Blueberry
    • A complex 4D shape that is always percieved as a blueberry
    • Interstellar traveller from a higher dimension?
    • Continuing the theme of higher dimensional fruits (Time Lime, That one with the raspberry)
    • Maybe it's not alive, maybe it's just an object sent through by the 4D people
      • Include a note from them then perhaps?
      • Maybe the blueberry is a computer/AI that answers Foundation questions? Probbably go with this
    • Maybe it can do other weird things like speak in blue or do other thaumaturgic stuff
      • Tartar style AI designed to pass down knowledge to a worthy life form, unfortunately all that comes out is predominantly cognitohazardous since we're not wired to comprehend this stuff
  • Company that sells objects/people capable of immense existential thought
  • Depiction of yggdrasil that when opened manifests the deer and eagle of life and death in the viewer's consciousness, and will make sure they fulfill their "Purpose" before killing them. Is capable of seeing into the narrative to facilitate it's purpose detecting abilities.
    • I've had this idea for a while and want to make a tale series about a researcher who has these two helping her with scips and ultimately fulfilling her purpose (Stopping some K-Class scenario or something)
  • Math textbook that lets you comprehend the 10th dimension (or briefly makes you a 10D entity?) when reading it
    • Created by a snarky reality bender not aware of their powers; "Oh yeah, suuuuure this textbook is gonna help, I'll be able to see the tenth dimension or something won't I?"
    • A GAW member did it for the lols and to get back at a math teacher???
  • On the subject of GAW, memes as SCPs:
    • Penthouse/freaked it SCP?
    • Two entities engaged in a time loop, one always shoots the other (That one music video meme going around lately)
    • Something to do with "We live in a society"
      • "Hey Dr Alto Clef of the SCP Foundation" "Aye what up SCP-XXXX" "We live in a society" "THIS IS SO SAD CAN WE HIT D CLASS PERSONNEL" jesus christ i hate my brain sometimes
    • Virulent meme, infects the SCP document
    • Clever usage of metafiction, text altering, footnotes, etc
    • Article slowly descends into flowery prose, before the final addenda is a poem about a death pact of love to the reader, "If you leave I'll erase myself" etc
      • Forge emotional connection before giving reader the option to stay on the page forever or leave the document, erasing the entity
        • Would lead to a second, non anomalous version of the document with a suicide note from the book in the addenda
    • Y'know what? Let's call her Monika
  • Induction Cooktop
    • Stove-Oven combo, when something is cooked within it is anomalously inducted into a hall of fame or similar list (Billboard top 20, hall of presidents have been identified)
    • MC&D format or mainlister?
    • Discovered by the foundation when an egg hit #1
    • Gangnam style, Despacito, What the fox say, Bom bom, Baby baby baby oh, 1D, etc all used induction cooktops
    • Twilight, Fault in our stars, 50 shades etc etc as well
    • Maybe include a lil joke about trump braising himself (Explain the tan)
    • Anart???
    • The seller of the item bakes himself to get posthumously made employee of the month AND CEO, he feels shitty because nobody recognised the work he did
    • Deep fried memes were memes that were LITERALLY deep fried on the cooktop
    • Turns out the cooktop can induct through external means, The witch is dead hitting number one due to margaret thatcher dying, etc

I would need to do some heavy research on bestsellers, etc before I write this

  • Antimemetic Suicides
    • Probbably contained in a samurai sword? Bottle of bleach? Knife? Noose? FRICKIN TIDE POD?
  • Article should be minimalist, aiming for <500 words
    • Perhaps maybe include a tiny addenda (<100 words)
  • Object is a suicide note, contents change from person to person but are consistently upsetting enough to cause suicide with an accompanying samurai sword
    • Note's contents are also fitting to be a "suicide note"
    • After death, subjects are completely erased save for contents of the note, which remain until someone else picks up the paper
    • Addenda can be a few examples of note contents, maybe a D-Class, etc
    • The foundation knows it's antimemetic because they discovered the contents of the note, also have no idea why it's in containment and as such deduced it's antimemetic properties

This tabset is for deleted drafts that other people have written which I may attempt to rewrite, aid in the rewriting of, or otherwise save someday because I like the concepts within.

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