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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is currently contained in Containment Center Alpha-B-X. SCP-X must be surrounded by a minimum of twelve Hypermagnet Engines, placed equidistantly around SCP-X.

SCP-X must contain in excess of 15,000 kilos of iron at any given moment. All material that leaves SCP-X is to be immediately recycled back into SCP-X as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-X is a small cloud. SCP-X is non-anomalous in both appearance and structure.

Any material introduced into SCP-X is immediately converted to a liquid state, with no changes in temperature or composition taking place. Once introduced to SCP-X, material will stay within it for a period of approximately twenty-four hours, at which point it will exit SCP-X and begin falling as rain. Roughly fifty minutes after exiting SCP-X these materials will return to their previous state of matter.

SCP-X is capable of converting all forms of matter to a liquid state, regardless of interfering physics or logic. The converted material does not have to be physical,1 with SCP-X converting light to a liquid state multiple times since containment. How SCP-X does this is unknown.

While materials that exit SCP-X will return to their previous state of matter, they will not regain their previous form. When multiple substances are introduced to SCP-X, they will often intermingle, becoming atomically bonded while within the cloud, and retaining these bonds once solidified. In addition, anything introduced to SCP-X that is made of multiple materials will not be separated to its individual components, but will instead be converted to a liquid form of its current composition.

Living testing with SCP-X is currently prohibited, per Ethics Committee decree.

Addendum X-1: Discovery and retrieval

SCP-X was originally discovered after a passenger jet disappeared over [X]. The incident was viewed as a normal plane crash until the next day, when the nearby city of [X] reported that it was raining both molten metal and human flesh. Over the following month, SCP-X's anomalous properties were explored and Project Magneto was developed to transfer SCP-X to containment.

Over the course of six hours, roughly 25,000 kgs of iron were introduced to SCP-X via freight aircraft. Once the metal was in place, several Foundation jets equipped with experimental super-electromagnets were deployed. The resulting magnetic field was able to control SCP-X, allowing the aircraft to guide it to Containment Center Alpha-B-X, where it was placed into its current containment.

The remains of the members who were on board the original flight were collected and terminated, as per Ethics Committee policy.

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