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The Adventures of Warrior Duck and Her Epic Quest to Vanquish the Evil DarkGoose and Restore Peace to the Pond, AKA the Most Intense Game of Duck Duck Goose Ever (second part suggested by thekillerax, gotta give them a callout in the author post)

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Keter Neutralised/Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All personnel assigned to SCP-X are to read this file daily, as well as immediately following any SCP-X event.

Description: SCP-X refers to a series of events affecting all waterfowl within the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. These events occur roughly every three to twelve days, and last up to seventeen hours. During these events all waterfowl within this region will migrate towards one of several hundred small settlements and cities that materialise within the region, taking up temporary residence and assuming the personality and actions of a random character within the narrative told by SCP-X. These settlements range from populations of low hundreds, to as high as almost a million SCP-X-1 instances.

All characters within the SCP-X narrative will appear during each event, with the exception of SCP-X-1-D instances, which only appear when the plot requires them. The specific waterfowl that plays each SCP-X-1 instance does not appear to matter, with species being the only feature that remains constant between SCP-X events.

The narrative told by SCP-X falls heavily under the fantasy genre. The events of the SCP-X narrative involves a wide variety of cliches and tropes common to this genre, additionally incorporating elements from the Sci-Fi and Action genres. The story of SCP-X has also been described as "anime-esque" by people who have observed the events.

Humans are incapable of physically interacting with SCP-X events. All objects associated with the events contain a powerful memetic/compulsion agent, preventing any human from physically participating in or altering the events unless so desired by an SCP-X-1 instance. This effect also spreads to most other man-made objects, preventing them from interfering with the current course of action.1 To date, a total of four humans have been observed to be able to participate in the SCP-X narrative.

SCP-X events almost always "focus" on one or more SCP-X-Primary instances. Individuals viewing SCP-X events are universally aware of both the instance(s) the event is focusing on, and the location(s) at which said instance(s) is/are located. This usually leads to large crowds gathering at or near the vicinity of the aforementioned location.

People living within the great lakes region typically forget about SCP-X events within 1-2 hours of their conclusion and are unable to recall any details unless they encounter something connected to SCP-X events, or information about SCP-X events themselves. All photos and videos of SCP-X events and SCP-X-1 instances disappear immediately upon the event's conclusion.

The "world" of SCP-X is divided into several kingdoms and countries, mostly adhering to the areas of each of the lakes. These countries in typical fashion to a medieval fantasy story, trading and warring between themselves. Each of these is ruled primarily by one to three royal families, which act as kings and queens of each region.

Addendum X-1: Classification of SCP-X-1 instances.

SCP-X-Primary is the group designation for the main characters of SCP-X events, they have been listed below. The entities that play these parts do not exist outside of the narrative, and manifest only during an SCP-X event's duration.

  • SCP-X-Δ is the main protagonist of the SCP-X narrative. SCP-X-Δ takes the form of a duck wearing a small set of armor and carrying a series of weapons, most commonly either a sword or a spear. SCP-X-Δ is capable of low tier reality bending and thaumaturgy, utilising both of them often throughout the SCP-X narrative.
  • SCP-X-Θ is the primary antagonist of SCP-X's narrative. Their species is unconfirmed, as they always appear wearing a full suit of black armour, but interviews with various SCP-X-1 instances have repeatedly referred to SCP-X-Θ as a goose.2 SCP-X-Θ was the first observed SCP-X instance, killing SCP-X-Δ's parents and setting the chain of SCP-X events in motion. SCP-X-Θ is capable of extremely high tier reality bending and thaumaturgy, and displays a vast amount of skill with almost every known handheld weapon.
  • SCP-X-Φ refers to an unknown cloaked entity who appears at random times throughout the narrative. SCP-X-Φ is otherwise unremarkable, and is classed as an SCP-X-Primary solely due to the amount of SCP-X events focused on them. SCP-X instances concerning SCP-X-Φ occur roughly once every three to seven events, with almost all other SCP-X-1 instances ceasing anomalous activity. SCP-X-Φ's role within the SCP-X narrative is unknown.

SCP-X-1 refers to all other characters within the SCP-X narrative, they have been further subclassed depending on the role they play. SCP-X-1 instances are also further classed as -Δ or -Θ, depending on which of the two that SCP-X-1 instance affiliates with. Neutral entities are unclassed.

  • SCP-X-1-A refers to the background characters of SCP-X's narrative. These instances generally do not affect the events of an SCP-X event, but serve to provide worldbuilding and minor character interactions. The majority of what is known about SCP-X's narrative world has come from interviews with SCP-X-1-A instances. Roughly 80% of all SCP-X characters fall into this category.
  • SCP-X-1-B refers to instances that play important roles within the narrative, but rarely interact with SCP-X-Primary instances. This usually refers to royalty and city leaders, with about 85% falling into this category in some way.
  • SCP-X-1-C instances take on the roles of important characters that significantly aid either SCP-X-Δ or SCP-X-Θ within the narrative. All of these instances are capable of low to mid-tier reality bending and thaumaturgy, and show a proficiency in a vast variety of weapons.
  • SCP-X-1-D refers to the numerous gods, demons, and other such entities that exist within the SCP-X narrative. All of these entities are capable of extremely high tier reality bending and thaumaturgy, and appear as vastly exaggerated waterfowl, often with additional and/or enhanced body parts. The entities that play these parts do not exist outside of the SCP-X narrative, and manifest only during an SCP-X event in which they play a part, demanifesting once the event is over. Additionally, SCP-X-1-D instances will demanifest if approached by a human, ending the SCP-X event immediately.

SCP-X-2 are any other creatures, anomalous or not, that participate in the SCP-X narrative. These instances are rare, and are almost never recurring. The vast majority of these instances are connected in some way to a SCP-X-1 instance, whether by summoning or having been raised since birth.

SCP-X-3 denotes any object or location deemed to be of significant importance to the SCP-X narrative.

Further information about individual SCP-X-1, -2, and -3 instances will be provided as they appear within the narrative.

Addendum X-2: Log of notable SCP-X events

Event #: 1

Date of Event:

Primary Focus: SCP-X-Δ, SCP-X-Θ

Event Description: SCP-X-Δ is seen to be living peacefully in her village with her family. SCP-X-Θ shows up, and massacres the village with a wide variety of magical abilities. SCP-X-Δ's family is killed in the attack, causing SCP-X-Δ to swear vengeance. The event ends with SCP-X-Θ walking out of the burning village and SCP-X-Δ falling unconscious.

Notes: The first known SCP-X occurrence. Due to personnel being unable to arrive on scene before the event had ended, all information regarding this event comes from interviews with individuals who had observed the event.

Event: 2

Date of Event:

Event Focus: SCP-X-Δ

Event Description:


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