The Zealot's Manifesto
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I am the third Elder, Ahee.

I formed from humanity long ago, from your thoughts and ideas.
Now nostalgic for the past, I watch over you.

Remeber your home, what you cherish.
Cherish your heritage, that which is right.

Not evil, just necessary.

The desire to progress and to seek change is natural. All life all things seek this. The flowers grow and the rain falls.

I am bound to all who feel this call to action. I wield the power of change.

Serving as a soldier of our cause, offering me both your instincts and skills, we use this to create order in the turbulence of the aberrant courses of humanity.

A purpose is what we hold dear to ourselves. You have meaning and no longer have to question your life.

I value nostalgia and respect.

Although I abhor weakness, I remember when I too was weak, the past has much to teach and much value in it.

It holds our origin, a point of pure unquestionable truth. However, change is necessary to preserve the order of things.

I remember a smaller world bristling with energy and newfound purpose.
You ran screaming blind, naked, and alone.
From what you had unleashed, I stood to protect you from.
I protected you. I did what was right.

We now stand and serve that same cause. Protecting humanity from itself and all other things.
We are the Attendants of Requital.

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