A Space Cassette - Offset 1
Item #: SCP-4XXX Level 2/4XXX
Object Class: Safe Classified


SCP-4XXX (inside SCP-4XXX-A) after its retrieval from Earth's lower exosphere.

Special Containment Procedures:


SCP-4XXX has been cleared for traditional study due to relevant information.

— Lucas Ellison, Head Theorist

In accordance with DoMTaC guidelines, SCP-4XXX is to be contained in a compact containment chamber in Site-107. All the provisions from the Original Containment Procedures still stand, unless they have been replaced with the provisions following this sentence. No Level 1 or 0 personnel are allowed access to SCP-4XXX. Level 2 personnel are allowed access with clearance from the Site Director or SCP-4XXX's head researcher. Level 3+ personnel are freely allowed to access SCP-4XXX. Personnel also may request a song from SCP-4XXX-1/5 a maximum of once a month (approx. 30 days). Personnel will also be notified if a DoMTaC joint session is in study; during this study, only personnel with Level 3+ clearance are allowed access.


SCP-4XXX visually appears to be a Maxell brand XLII-S 100 cassette tape labeled with "10M WATTS FOREIGN AFFAIRS #16Ø", containing several songs from the American synth-pop band 'Flight Level-180'. However, the cassette tape itself acts as a non-euclidean capsule and currently contains the following entities1:

  1. Bayse Kirst, singer
  2. Anne Carson, guitarist/singer
  3. Helga Khan, guitarist
  4. John Wright, keyboard player
  5. Michel "Mick" Friedel, drummer

The internal appearance of the capsule is currently unknown, but visual reports from the contained entities describe it as a "white void" with "all the provisions and entertainment whenever you want."2 Additionally, the entities within SCP-4XXX are able to hear any sounds within SCP-4XXX's vicinity. Despite this, SCP-4XXX retains all its functionality as a cassette tape. The sound produced by SCP-4XXX's magnetic tape is identical to that within the capsule at the time. If SCP-4XXX is placed in a standard cassette player, the SCP will continue playing until the player is stopped or the player runs out of charge; SCP-4XXX appears to run indefinitely. Additionally, SCP-4XXX never appears to spool while playing. SCP-4XXX can be fast-forwarded or rewound, but it is unknown how the SCP retracts/advances time in the capsule accordingly. Although there appears to be a correlation between time in the capsule and whether or not SCP-4XXX is played, if SCP-4XXX is stopped, the time in the capsule remains subjectively normal. It is theorized that SCP-4XXX contains a variable pocket dimension in which the entities reside, and current research on SCP-4XXX is supporting such a conclusion.

Item History:

SCP-4XXX was discovered when Foundation Satellite Probe #27-F ("V-GER") located the object floating in orbit in Earth's lower exosphere. The location of the object, while entirely possible that it originated from space debris, mixed with the temperatures found in the exosphere were atypical enough to garner an official Foundation investigation. After retrieval and photography of SCP-4XXX and SCP-4XXX-A, several tests concluded that SCP-4XXX was indeed anomalous. It is currently unknown how SCP-4XXX arrived at its initial discovery location - further review is pending on this subject.

According to testimonials from SCP-4XXX-1 through SCP-4XXX-5, SCP-4XXX and SCP-4XXX-A were the property of an "inter-dimensional space diplomat" named "Bob Bobbinton"(designated EoI3-275). This report coincides with an unknown object

Addendum 01:

Interview w/ SCP-4XXX-1 through -5, #1

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